Ambassador Program

NOBREAD is your Nationwide GLUTEN FREE Dining Guide! What began as an NYC-based blog and Instagram account (@nobread) is now a user-friendly dining guide, educating diners on how to be gluten free at their favorite restaurants! With over 450 restaurants featured in NYC and 200 featured in LA (recently launched!), we are looking to continue our expansion and have several more cities coming soon!

NOBREAD Ambassador Program
Want to contribute to NOBREAD? Well, you can! Bring NOBREAD to your city. NOBREAD is looking for energetic, motivated, and hard working food lovers to write NOBREAD posts from their cities!

Do you have to be Gluten Free? NO! But you will be instructed on gluten allergies/dietary restrictions, what are the right questions to ask at restaurants, and of course, you will have to order gluten free at the restaurant so you can write a proper review 🙂

Writing Posts

– Reviews are written from the gluten free person’s perspective. Our goal is to tell GF diners what they can and can’t have at their favorite neighborhood hotspots.
– Posts will be featured on NOBREAD NEWS (our blog), until we officially launch in your city!

– Take beautiful, ‘food-porn’ pictures of your meal and they will be featured on @NOBREAD Instagram and website.

Spread the Word
-Help your local GF community and visitors to your city know where they can experience a great GF meal!

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