No Bake Chocolate Almond Bars

I first started making no-bake recipes because whenever I cook, I tend to eat half the batter before baking! And when a recipe has egg in it this isn’t the smartest idea. Does anyone else agree that the batter is the best part of a recipe?? With this No Bake Chocolate Almond Bar recipe you can […]


You may have noticed my new favorite beverage, Spindrift, all over my Instagram feed. With vibrant, fun packaging, it should have been hard to miss! I first found Spindrift a few months back while sitting at a Le Pan Quotidien in New York City. You know when a café makes you buy something so that […]

Pumpkin Chia Pudding

It’s October, and as pumpkins line the grocery stores and homes on my street, it also fills my cabinets and refrigerator. I love making classic pumpkin dishes like roast pumpkin, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin bread, but it’s also fun to incorporate pumpkin into my everyday, year-round recipes! One of my favorite recipes to incorporate seasonal […]

Eat Organix

I’ve tried many meal delivery services in the past, and I can’t say I’ve found many that I love. Why? Well, many reasons. First, I’m intolerant to more than just gluten. I’m intolerant to gluten, dairy, soy, chickpeas, cashews, lentils and a few other random foods. In the past I’ve found that most meal services […]

Silver Fern Brand

Nine years ago, my homeopathic doctor told me I had to go gluten-, dairy-, and soy-free. He also told me that starting that day, I was to take a probiotic every day. I figured “okay… I’ll do this for a little bit and all of my troubles will pass, and then I will go back […]

Butternut Squash Smoothie

IT’S FALL! IT’S FALL! Which means it’s butternut squash and pumpkin season! Every September through November I go wild cooking all-things butternut squash and pumpkin, and given this year I’ve become a smoothie addict, I figured it only made sense to incorporate the veggie into my breakfast routine. Introducing my Butternut Squash Smoothie topped with cinnamon; […]

Blue Banana Smoothie Bowl

Ever since ‘Unicorn Food’ became cool, I’ve admired how the different colors in the food were made. Beet for pink, matcha for green, and blue algae for blue. Yes, I said blue algae. You know, that thing you learn about in 3rd grade science class…! I bet you didn’t know that organic blue-green algae is […]

The Best Gluten-Free Dishes In Las Vegas & Where To Find Them

Now that I live in Los Angeles, I must do as the Angelinos do: head to Vegas on a random weekend, just because you can. A few weeks ago, I did just that – and also managed to convince my two best friends to travel with me. I had been to Vegas once before with […]

Spiked Ice Cream with Stoli Crushed!

A recipe so easy and fun I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner! I’ve spiked everything from candy to fruit with Stoli Gluten Free, and I’ve even made Vodka ice pops! But I never thought to spike my ice-cream! Goodness I’m so happy I did. I love coconut everything and after finding two […]

Super Woman RX By Dr. Taz Bhatia

I love to read, especially books that empower me to take my health into my own hands and make a change! Health & wellness expert Dr Taz Bhatia’s book,  Super Woman RX, does just that! And this book isn’t like any other wellness book I’ve read before. It starts with a quiz and offers five prescriptive […]