Stoli® Crushed

I know I’ve been teasing, but it’s FINALLY time to announce the launch of Stoli® Crushed! Stoli Vodka is expanding their portfolio into the real fruit juice vodka sub-category with this new, fresh, fun expression of premium Stoli Vodka mixed with real fruit juice! Think your classic (gluten-free) vodka, but blended with 10 percent real fruit juice for […]

Schar Gluten Free

Gluten Free brands are emerging left and right, each rivaling each other in uniqueness and taste. So what makes a brand stand out? Exactly that. Uniqueness and taste. Also history, mission, and dedication to the gluten-free community around the world. Schar started in Italy over 35 years ago, which may surprise some as Italy and gluten-free aren’t […]

Chocolate Chip Avocado Banana Bread

Avocados. Bananas. Chocolate Chips. Need I say more?! This week’s NOBREAD Bread incorporates all of my favorite foods! Oh! And I can’t forget my favorite natural sugar, coconut sugar. I’m so curious to hear what y’all think; when I finished making it, I actually thought I did it all wrong! Turns out this unique bread […]

Lemon Meringue Tart at By The Way Bakery

By The Way Bakery Launches Artisan Breads!

When I first heard that By the Way Bakery had recently launched a new line of breads, I knew I had to get in to try them! Since By the Way opened its first location in Manhattan in 2014 (the flagship opened in Westchester in 2011), it has been one of my favorite gluten-free bakeries […]

Marble Banana Bread

What do you do when you come home from a week away and you have SUPER ripe bananas sitting on your counter? Make banana bread! I’ve made just about every banana bread there is to make, but on my quest to make a different NOBREAD Bread each week, I’ve discovered a new recipe! Marble breads […]

Garden Lites

Time to get PERSONAL. Eight years ago I was diagnosed with my gluten-allergy and put on an elimination diet that removed gluten, dairy, soy, fruit, nuts, and anything artificial from my life. So what did I eat? All-things bland and plain! Sliced turkey, rotisserie chicken, steamed vegetables, egg whites… oh and I can’t forget rice […]

KIND “Raise the Bar” CONTEST!

How cool is THIS?! Have you ever wanted to have say in the new flavor of one of your favorite companies?! Well for the first time ever, KIND will empower fans to choose its next bar flavor in a nationwide “Raise the Bar” contest. Four potential innovations — Sangria, Spiced Fig, Sweet Pretzel Crunch and […]

NUTRO™: Man’s Best Friend’s Best Friend

I’m sharing #NUTRO in my life as part of a NUTRO™ sponsored series for Socialstars™. If you follow NOBREAD, it’s pretty clear we are very particular about what we put in our bodies. From eating the healthiest gluten-free food to some of our most recent content about ketosis, it’s important for us to fuel our […]

Coconut Vanilla Smoothie made with Vitamix

There is so much more to our food than its physical contents. To me, food is about love. I’m currently living in LA, apart from my best friend, my Mom. Every morning, my mom and I make a breakfast smoothie using our Vitamin, and check in to compare what ingredients we are using that week, […]

Chocolate Molds with Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips!

Have you ever wondered how to make a chocolate mold? I don’t know about you, but every Easter growing up my mom bought an Easter Bunny mold, and before devouring the bunny I always wondered how it was made! Yes, I know, I was a curious little one. Well recently, while playing around with my […]