Chef Wade Moises

“We (Rosemary’s), like every restaurant these days have to constantly deal with the changing landscape of dietary restrictions and allergies of all sorts. We do our best to accommodate diners and their individual needs. The gluten free diet and diseases such as Siliac’s that don’t allow people to enjoy some of the staples of Italian dining, such as Pizza, bread and pasta, are some of the most difficult to accommodate and still maintain the integrity of each dish. We have gluten free pasta in house at all times and have the facility to cook that pasta in a separate vessel than the rest of our semolina and flour based pastas. We are happy to pair any of our sauces with the gluten free pasta opening up a whole section of our menu for those with gluten allergies. The rest of our dishes that happen to be served with bread or bread crumbs are also easily prepared with out as we try and make bread and gluten, along with nuts and nut products the last to touch the food to in order to accommodate those with nut and gluten allergies. Most of our core menu is easily done gluten free however and perhaps someday we may even come up with an acceptable form of gluten free bread. Some things are easily replaceable, some things don’t come close. Most gluten free bread ends up rather dense and often dry tasting but perhaps in time that will get figured out as well and we will be able to offer a truly comparable substitute instead of one in name alone.”