Carly’s Better Bites


I love baked goods… I always have and I always will. When I first went gluten free, it was SO difficult to not only find GF treats, but to find GF treats that ACTUALLY tasted good. Fast forward five years later and I am amazed at how many brands of gluten free baked goods have come to the market, at how many dedicated GF bakeries have opened in NYC, and at how many people have taken GF baking into their own hands and created their own brand of treats.

Carly, of Carly’s Better Bites, started her baking business after 13 years of living a gluten free life… and I’m glad she did. Her cake bites are 100% gluten free and the cake part of the bite is also dairy free with the exception of a small amount of butter. Carly’s Better Bites are available in a variety of cakes, toppings, and chocolates, and the cakes are totally customizable. Cake flavors include vanilla, chocolate, funfetti, red velvet, and chocolate chip cookie dough, and chocolate coatings include white, dark, milk, pink, blue, and yellow chocolates. The cake bites are finished off with a variety of fun toppings and just like that you have a bite-size piece of heaven.

I had the opportunity to taste Carly’s Better Bites this weekend, and I loved them! I’m a chocolate addict, and as much as I loved the chocolate bites, I have to say the vanilla bites were my favorite. I also found that the bites are best when served at room temperature. As Carly exclaims on her website, “once you pop, you won’t be able to stop!” She’s right… you won’t stop! Carly’s Cake Bites are delicious and well deserving of all of the attention. Keep the bites coming, Carly!

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When I first went gluten free snacking was incredibly difficult! I was never one to pull out a bag of chips, and my favorite snacks (Nature Valley bars and other granola bars) all contained gluten. Thankfully, potato chips and tortilla chips (made from corn) are typically gluten free, and although these chips don’t have much nutritional value, they quickly became my snack of choice. Unfortunately, as delicious as potato chips and corn chips are, flavored versions of these chips almost always contain gluten, so my diet was left with little variety.

A self-proclaimed “chip-addict,” I was thrilled when I discovered Beanitos chips. Beanitos are made from fiber and protein rich whole beans and most importantly, they are gluten free! The chips are also made on dedicated-gluten free lines,  have 4 grams of protein, 5-6 grams of fiber per serving, no added sugar, are free of preservatives, and are made with only natural non-GMO ingredients! NOBREAD approved AND healthy! Better yet, Beanitos is available in multiple flavors and all varieties are gluten free! Sea salt, nacho cheese, white cheddar cheese, hot chili lime and more.

I’ve tried three Beanitos flavors, white bean with sea salt, black bean with sea salt, and pinto bean with cheddar, and I only have good things to say. If you like classic tortilla chips, the white bean chips with sea salt are calling your name! These chips are light yet flavorful, and not too salty. My favorite chip was the black bean chip with sea salt. Black beans aren’t for everyone, but the black bean taste is perfectly subtle and these chips remind me of blue potato chips.

Recently, I’ve been reading a ton on low glycemic diets and how those who follow them are less likely to develop obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Beans are naturally low-glycemic and Beanitos chips are packed full of nutritional value without any simple sugars. Beanitos are the only 100% bean-based chip on the market today, and the Beanitos team is absolutely onto something great. Move over Tostitos!!


Kelly Rutherford


As head matriarch on Gossip Girl, Kelly Rutherford’s character, Lily Humphrey, ran New York City. So when we found out Mrs. NYC was gluten free, we knew we needed to catch up with Kelly and chat NOBREAD. Kelly explains why she went gluten free, how she is feeling now, and some of her favorite NYC restaurants!


How long have you been gluten free? What made you want to go GF?
I am gluten free unless I am in Europe; then I do eat a little bread. I have been GF for about a year. I just feel so much better; I have more energy and feel clearer. Just lighter and really my digestive system seems happier.

Last time we spoke, you mentioned it’s tough to be gluten free when you travel, especially when you go to Paris. What is it about Paris that makes gluten free a challenge?
I give myself freedom. When I am home I eat all organic and do my best to find great organic restaurants like Le Pain Quotidien. Yet I also live my life. The same goes for GF… I will eat bread when in Europe sometimes really as a treat- it’s so good there. There are restaurants in Paris now that are GF… I just eat potatoes or french fries instead of bread.

How has NOBREAD made dining out in NYC easier?
Great ideas for those of us looking for options that make GF easy!



Date night- White Street – 221 W. Broadway- TriBeCa- American- $$$$ (Map)

Girls night outAny New Place 

BrunchSoHo House- 29 9th Ave- Meatpacking District- Lounge- $$$$ *Members Only* (Map)

People Watching- White Street 221 W. Broadway– TriBeCa- American- $$$$ (Map)

Krumville Bake Shop


Decent gluten free bread is hard to come by, and delicious gluten free bread is even harder. Well New York City, it’s time to meet Krumville Bake Shop. When founder, Antonella Zangher, was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2009, she, too, was frustrated by the limited GF ‘bread’ options and took it upon herself to do something about it. Krumville provides wholesome, fresh, and delicious gluten-free products such as focaccia bread, pies, cakes, cookies, and more, at reasonable prices! Furthermore, none of Krumville’s products contain any GMOs, artificial flavorings or preservatives and the flour used is a blend of sorghum, brown rice, and millet.

This week, I tasted Krumsville’s focaccia bread, blueberry muffin, amaretti cookies, and chocolate chip and walnut cookie, and everything was pretty incredible. Everyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE chocolate, and the chocolate chip & walnut cookie was gone the minute I saw it in my package. It was amazing! Perfectly chewy and perfectly chocoaltey. My family and I then opened the amaretti cookies, and couldn’t get over how delicious they were, too. I like to think my dad and I are cookie connoisseur’s, and he and I both agreed that the cookies struck the perfect balance between chocolate and almond flavors, and neither flavor overpowered the other. Lastly, I have to discuss the focaccia bread. The bread is best cooked at 350 degrees for 5-10 minutes prior to eating. Toast it and dip it into a little olive oil and this bread is outstanding!

To buy Krumville’s products, you can order items through their website… OR for everyone local to NYC or Brooklyn, head to Smorgasburg! The Krumville team attends this market on Saturdays and it is their sole retail outlet. Antonella explains the overwhelming positive response from her customers, “We thrive on that happiness and it drives us to make gluten-free baking delicious, beautiful and a special shopping experience for all our customers!”All Krumville products can be shipped and if you’re looking for a sandwich in NYC that uses Krumville’s bread, Court Street Grocers, Court Street Sandwich Shop (Gotham Market), BKLYN Larder, Zito’s Sandwich Shoppe, Crespella, Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, and Morris Grilled Cheese Truck all have the bread in-house (or in-truck)! Other retailers include in BK and & in NYC.

Keep up the AMAZING work and DELICIOUS baking, Krumville Bake Shop!
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Gluten Free crab cake at Thyme Restaurant

Chef Tom Costello

Are you GF? If so, Celiac/allergic/sensitive? What made you realize you had an issue with gluten? 

Yes, I am gluten free after being diagnosed with Celiac disease. I did not realize I had Celiac at first, but I had the majority of the common symptoms such as fatigue, vomiting, bloating and all of the GI issues that go with the disease.

As a Chef (Thyme Restaurant) and constantly surrounded by food, how hard was it for you to adjust to the GF lifestyle? 

You would think it would be difficult to adjust since I’m surrounded by food all day, but that actually made it easier since I have so many other options to choose from in the kitchen. The main culprits are pizza, bread and pasta so finding alternatives to those was key for me and is much easier with the many options! Plus, being a chef, I can whip something up easily that works with my limitations.

 I love how you point out GF options on your menu! Has this new feature been a hit with customers? Are you finding that people with no gluten allergy/sensitivity are opting for gluten free dishes, too?    

I wouldn’t say that indicating GF items has been a huge hit, per say, but including this new feature on the menu has made my regular customers more aware that gluten free food, including some of their favorite, previously not GF dishes, is both abundant and delicious. While the menu is over 90% GF, I have noticed that people without a gluten allergy are still opting for the gluten free dishes.

What kind of training does your staff go through regarding allergies? 

We do not have any flour or breadcrumbs with gluten at Thyme, so that makes it easier for my staff to answer questions regarding gluten allergies. They’re also very aware of items with nuts and understand what gluten can do to someone who is allergic/Celiac/sensitive.

Favorite GF item on your menu?

My favorite gluten free dishes on the menu are the crab cakes and the eggplant parmigiana.

Future gluten free plans at the restaurant? (ie- expanding to dessert/beverage, hosting GF events etc)

The majority of our dessert menu is gluten free already, we’ve started serving gluten free vodka, gin and beer, and I’ve even hosted a gluten free cooking class, with the next one to come on December 1st. I would really like to start hosting gluten free wine pairing dinners in the future, as well, so stay tuned!



When I went gluten and dairy free five years ago, forget the bread… it was chocolate that I was most concerned about giving up! Thankfully, I’ve found plenty of gluten and dairy free snack brands to fill the void, and people are getting crafty and exploring the world of GF baking. For a few months now, I’ve seen gluten free nuggets popping up on my instagram news feed from the account ‘whatthegf.’ Famous for their #whatthegf and #biteme hashtags, these little gluten free nuggets have attracted quite the following! After checking out the account and seeing that ‘whatthegf’ was an instagram account for bize size chocolate ‘nuggets,’ I knew I needed to give them a try. Last week I was lucky enough to connect with Founder, Brooke Hamroff, and I’ve officially eaten my first nugget. Or should I say 9 nuggets, because I couldn’t stop after just one.

The nuggets are 100% gluten, nut, peanut, and soy free, and of course celiac safe (not just wheat free!) The coatings come in either semisweet or white chocolate, which sounds delicious but unfortunately for me, both contain dairy. Brooke caters to those who are dairy sensitive, and upon request makes gluten AND dairy free coated nuggets out of dairy free dark chocolate. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: The brownie itself is not 100% dairy free as a marginal amount of butter is used in the making of the brownie. If you are allergic to dairy, play it safe and skip the nuggets. I am dairy sensitive, and I am happy to announce I ate several nuggets and I didn’t experience any problems afterwards.

My favorite nuggets? The nugget with sugar crystals and the nugget with chocolate cookie crumbs (you can never have too much chocolate)! The nuggets were truly delicious, and I’m excited for Brooke and her venture. I’m also excited to become an avid customer of whathegf, and all of my nobread friends can start expecting these nuggets as gifts soon!