Blends By Orly

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I often write about gluten free cakes, cupcakes, and cookies, but these amazing treats are nothing without a good gluten free flour. Too often, a standard all-purpose gluten free flour is used; thus gluten free desserts lack variety. This is where Orly Gottesman comes in. Orly the Baker is a major foodie; however, like myself Orly worked in corporate America. Thankfully she, too, left her job in finance and decided to enroll in culinary school in Australia. The result? Orly went on to create a line of gluten free flours; and we’re glad she did!

Each blend is named after a major city and has a specific purpose. Her Paris blend is perfect for cakes and madeleines, Manhattan blend for bagels and challah, and Tuscany blend for, you guessed it, pizza! The best part is, you can use your own recipes. Just replace the regular flour called for with the appropriate Orly flour. My grandma’s famous cinnamon roll recipe came out just as delicious when I used the Manhattan blend, and I made a batch of red velvet cupcakes with the Paris Blend. Next challenge- fudgey brownies with the Sydney blend.

All blends are vegan and free of dairy, corn, and nuts. The Paris and Manhattan blends are soy free, as well!

I know you’re dying to get your hands on a bag. At the moment, blends are sold in 25 stores in New York and New Jersey and you can also order off Amazon! Check out her website for exact locations, along with recipes. Restauranteurs: contact Orly about buying in bulk. I think it’s time every bakery used Orly’s blends… your baked goods will be just as delicious and 100% NoBread approved!

Jars by Dani


Dani Beckerman is the mastermind behind Instagram’s favorite new dessert: Jars by Dani. You may have spotted her colorful, layered cakes served in mason jars on the gram or at your last NYC housewarming or get together. Mixed layers of rainbow cake, red velvet crumbs, candy, sprinkles, or even cookie dough; it’s no wonder why these jars are taking over New York City! They look amazing, but the catch? These cake jars are full of gluten. Until now! We were lucky enough to get our hands on our very own gluten free, NoBread jar! It was so cute, we had to take it for a photoshoot in Union Square. Once we snapped a ton of pictures, we popped the jar open for a taste. Moist chocolate cake, fluffy vanilla icing, decadent chocolate mousse, and a handful of chocolate chips. Heaven! And 100% nobread approved! Note: all the ingredients are gluten free, but the jars ARE made in the same facility as Dani’s other jars. 

The kicker- we have a major foodie crush on Dani. After graduating college, she decided to move to NYC and enroll in the Institute of Culinary Education. Now she’s in her twenties and running her own business. You have got to follow her on Instagram for a dose of sweet inspiration; she’s always posting jars that will make your mouth water, and she has flawless style.  
Jars by Dani makes for the perfect present or party favor. You can even customize the sticker on the top with a company logo or the hashtag for your wedding! Order online for Manhattan delivery and pickup or have your jars shipped across the country. I promise, the NoBread chocolate jar is just as delicious as the rest of her creations. It’s finally time for us to #getjarred! 
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Jessica’s Natural

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For the five years I have been gluten free, I’ve hunted for quality gluten free granola. Well, I am happy to announce that my hunt has ended. Last week, I discovered Jessica’s Naturals Foods, a brand of all natural gluten free granola, and my life has changed.

Not only is Jessica’s granola gluten free, but it is non-GMO verified, has no artificial flavors, colors, refined sweeteners, or transfats, and there is zero cholesterol! The granola is available in 6 flavors, and last week I had the opportunity to try one of each flavor. I intended to try each flavor over the course of 6 weeks (one flavor per week), but the granola gift lasted me 3 days! The flavors include almond cherry, chocolate chip, vanilla maple, cherry and berry, pecan almond, and double chocolate chip. My two favorites were, of course, the chocolate chip and chocolate granola with chocolate chips; I had a feeling this would be the case given my chocolate addiction. The chocolate is dairy free, too; however, it does contain soy lecithin, so if you are sensitive to soy I would be careful. Runner up to the chocolate flavors, I loved the almond cherry and cherry berry. Dried fruit is another guilty pleasure of mine and the granola contained the perfect ratio of dried fruit to oats.

I’ve tried several varieties of gluten free granola, and Jessica’s is by far the best I’ve had. Other brands granola that consist of plain gluten free oats are exactly that, too plain, and other brands that try to be interesting and creative contain too much sugar or other ingredients that don’t make me feel great. Jessica’s granola is made with certified gluten-free oats and is loaded with delicious, HEALTHY ingredients like ground flax, coconut, honey and pure maple syrup. The granola is perfect at any time of day; add it to your yogurt or cereal in the morning for breakfast, take a handful with you to work for a snack, or (in my case) put some aside for a late night treat. Thank you Jessica’s for mastering the perfect gluten free granola!

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When I first connected with the Bai team, the makers of the most popular sports drink amongst the health & wellness crowd, I honestly didn’t know too much about the brand! What I did know, however, was that my friends referred to the drink as the all-natural red bull, they loved trying new flavors each week, AND that Bai is their go-to drink to purchase at Barry’s Boot Camp after a rigorous workout. Well there’s no chance of me going to Barry’s for the workout, but after trying my first Bai drink this week, I think I have it in me to meet my friends at Barry’s post-class to refuel with a Bai drink.

Bai5 comes in 10 flavors and Bai Bubbles comes in 7. Unlike other sports drinks filled with aspartame, artificial flavorings, and other unknown ingredients (or toxins…), Bai drinks are all natural antioxidant infusions that only have 5 calories & 1 gram of sugar per serving. The drinks are also vegan, gluten free and low glycemic. A healthy and all natural energy drink? Sounds too good to be true.

My favorite flavors of Bai5 are the pomegranate, coconut, lemon, and mango, and my favorite flavors of Bai Bubbles are the black cherry, guava, and blood orange.  The flavors are incredibly fresh tasting and it is fascinating to me that the drinks contain all-natural ingredients. Usually when something is too good to be true, I immediately assume there is a gluten or artificial component and I stop eating/drinking it immediately. Thankfully, the flavors in Bai drinks are derived from the fruit itself and 100% all natural… even the caffeine in the drink is the real deal. Bai drinks contain 70mg of caffeine per bottle, or 35 mg per serving – an amount similar to that found in a cup of green tea, and less than what you would find in a typical cup of coffee, and it is derived from white tea extract and organic coffeefruit.

This weekend I attended a wedding and in between the ceremony and the reception my girlfriends and I had an hour to kill. We could have gone for a drink at a local bar, or a drink at the hotel, but when I commented that I had 8 cases of Bai sitting in my living room, the decision was made pretty quick! I’ve never seen drinks disappear so fast! Bai drinks are amazing and I’m thrilled to see all of their success. Health and wellness fans rejoice; there is finally a delicious and healthy energy drink that will leave you feeling refreshed, refueled, and completely satisfied.


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