Simply Protein


Simply Protein makes all natural, gluten free snacks that are praised for being “the most protein for the least calories.” Not only is the product’s nutritional content impressive, but the snacks themselves are pretty awesome as well! I’ve never seen protein chips before. Simply Protein’s come in BBQ tomato, spicy chili, herb, and sea salt and cracked pepper. They’re made with pea protein and have 15 grams of protein in every bag! The chips are crunchy and satisfying, with only 2 grams of sugar and 140 calories, and they are vegan and kosher too! Average potato chips have 18 grams of fat per serving… Simply Protein chips only have 4! Simply Protein bars are also delicious; they are dairy free, low in sugar and low glycemic, plus a great source of iron. My favorite flavor is the lemon coconut, but the chocolate caramel comes in a close second. Simply Protein also makes fruit and nut bars, protein crunch trail mix, whey bars, and mini protein bars! I appreciate SP’s dedication to serving people with dietary restrictions and helping keep our hunger at bay! You can find their products in stores or order online.

Simply protein also makes bars for kids! The Kids Bar is low in sugar, but high in fiber and protein. They come in three flavors: Apple Maple, Strawberry Vanilla, and Chocolate Banana. They are the perfect size for an after-school snack, as they are small but filling! The Nobread team tried and loved all three flavors! We especially loved the Strawberry Vanilla- it tasted like a strawberry milkshake! 

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Eat This, Not That!

I’m sure all of you have heard of the Eat This, Not That! books that have taken America by storm. I wanted to share their new article “15 Best Gluten Free Snacks for Weight Loss.” It is the perfect grocery guide given that all of the products are free of additives and chemicals and have fewer than 250 calories and 12 grams of sugar per serving. Although a gluten free diet doesn’t directly correlate to weight loss, many people have taken on the GF challenge in the hopes of shedding pounds. I’m always on the hunt for healthy, GF snacks, so I thought everyone would enjoy this read!

Earth Pops

Earth Pops is an amazing NYC based company that makes organic gluten free cake pops with absolutely no artificial ingredients or preservatives! The baker, Jazzelynn, started her company out of her kitchen with a vision and an Instagram page. She also makes vegan pops! I tried the banana split which is made with banana cake and banana frosting and has a vanilla white chocolate coating. Delicious! Madagascar is the same thing but with dark chocolate on the outside. Pearly white is a chocolate cake pop with a white chocolate coating, Inside Out has peanut butter and chocolate, Canela is made with an all-spice cake dipped in cinnamon white chocolate, Very Berry is yellow cake dipped in raspberry-white chocolate, and last but not least, the blackout pop is all chocolate! Earth Pops can be shipped to Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens. Hopefully the radius will expand with continued success!

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Laceycakes is an awesome, New York City based company specializing in mini cupcakes that you can put your own pictures on! Yes, that means your favorite pics, embarrassing photos of your best friends, or your favorite emojis can all be turned into edible creations! The pictures are printed on edible discs and placed atop adorable cupcakes! How awesome is that? Good news for the NOBREAD crowd- Laceycakes can be made completely gluten free! These NOBREAD cupcakes are 1.5 inches in diameter and made with sprinkle-filled yellow cake. The non-GF flavors are funfetti, red velvet, vanilla, and chocolate. Laceycakes aren’t just cute; they’re delicious! I love the gluten free flavor; it’s sweet and festive! You can pick up to five images and phrases for your cupcakes, allowing for a lot of creativity. Whether you choose patterns, words, Leonardo DeCaprio’s face, or a photoshopped  picture of you kissing Leonardo DeCaprio’s face (you get the idea) you will love your Laceycakes cupcakes. Laceycakes is my new go-to birthday present! They’re available for delivery in the NYC area, or you can pick up your cupcakes from the team’s Union Square store. The cakes are definitely worth the trip!


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Popchips emerged on the scene in 2007, and were immediately added to my list of favorite snacks. The classic sea salt flavor consists of dried potato, rice flour, potato starch, sea salt, and safflower, sunflower, and/or canola oil. Popchips doesn’t use any fake colors, artificial ingredients, or grease. Best of all, the snack-size bags of Popchips are just slightly over 100 calories. Healthy and light, yet totally filling, not to mention just the right amount of salt to satisfy your salt-craving. Most importantly, the chips are GLUTEN FREE!

All Popchips products are certified gluten free and non GMO! The flavors of Popchips are interesting and unique. Typically all things interesting and unique contain gluten, so it’s amazing to see that gluten free can be flavorful and delicious. I typically stick to the classic sea salt flavor, but I’m known to dabble in the sweet potato and salt & pepper.

I’m also THRILLED to report that Popchips is introducing new flavors to the line! Cinnamon twist sweet potato (vegan-friendly), veggie chips, and crazy hot potato (for the spice-lovers) are the latest and greatest from Popchips, and after trying all three, my love for Popchips has grown even stronger. The veggie chips come in three varieties: tuscan herb, hint of olive oil, and sea salt. I add olive oil to everything, so I’m a bit biased towards the olive oil version.

Popchips are healthy, delicious, and totally NOBREAD friendly. I’m excited to see what new flavors the company comes out with next, and I’m excited to watch the brand succeed and grow. If you haven’t had Popchips before, you’re truly missing out… time to head to the store and pick up a bag. They’re sold pretty much everywhere… a blessing and a curse for fanatics like myself!

Hearth Dinner

I know everyone’s crazy over Brodo right now, but next time you’re in the mood for more than just broth, you have to go to Brodo’s big sis, Hearth! Hearth, brought to NYC by Chef Marco Canora, is hosting a weekly dinner series throughout the month of March to highlight important figures in the health, wellness and foodie world! I’m happy to report that the dinners are very NOBREAD friendly too! Sally Fallon will host the first dinner tomorrow, Tuesday March 10! 

Known for her cookbooks, Nourishing Traditions and Nourishing Broth, Sally has been a big inspiration for Chef Marco Canora and is a large influence on his development of Brodo and his most recent cookbook, A Good Food Day. Sally’s dinner will feature a bone broth tasting and will highlight ingredients that are central to her philosophy.

The dinner is five courses, only one of which is not GF. The sprouted grain risotto is not GF, but the team is happy to substitute sweet brown rice for those in the NOBREAD crowd! I’m drooling over the calf’s liver “breakfast” with soft scrambled eggs, seared calves liver and bone marrow. Another amazing course I’d love to try is the root vegetables with farm cream and salmon eggs. So gourmet!

Buy your tickets online and check out the rest of the menu!

Quinn Popcorn


Quinn Popcorn is a visionary snack company with a mission to reinvent the way we think about food. They make microwave and bagged popcorn in gourmet flavors with truly natural ingredients that you can feel good about. Plus, all of their products are NOBREAD approved! I’m so impressed by their farm-to-bag concept– you can enter your batch number online and find out where your ingredients come from! We really don’t pay enough attention to food production, so to be able to see where Quinn Popcorn sources their ingredients from is eye-opening. The popcorn isn’t just environmentally conscious and packaged in compostable material, but it’s also delicious! You need to try the Vermont maple and sea salt microwave popcorn. It will change your life! The kale and sea salt bagged popcorn is my favorite. With all it’s nutritional power, kale will never go out of style, and Quinn’s is giving us a new way to enjoy it! This snack is made with organic dried kale, non-GMO corn, and sunflower oil! Plus, it’s only 39 calories per cup– love it! Order Quinn Popcorn online or check out their website to find a store near you!

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Rx Bars


Rx bars are an awesome line of power bars made with real foods and high quality ingredients. Not only are they NOBREAD approved, but they are also free of dairy and soy. They don’t have added sugars or artificial sweeteners, as the sweetness comes from fruit. They’re completely non-GMO, and free of artificial ingredients and preservatives. Pretty impressive! The four core ingredients in all Rx bars are egg whites, dates, nuts, and figs. Egg whites give the bars protein and amino acids, while dates are a great source of sweetness and fiber. Nuts aren’t too shabby either, containing protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Last but not least, figs are high in potassium, calcium, and iron! Rx bars come in five flavors; coffee cacao, blueberry, apple cinnamon, coconut cacao and peanut butter. My favorite is the coconut cacao because it reminds me of a Samoa Girl Scout cookie! Plus, it has twelve grams of protein to keep me full. You can order Rx bars online or check out their website to find a store near you!

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Dō is the company of my dreams! It’s gourmet cookie dough that you can eat raw or baked. All of the flavors can be made gluten free, and there are vegan options as well. Kristen, the brilliant founder, has a love of baking, and she has a gluten intolerance. I tried the chocolate chip, sugar cookie, and the nuts for nuts! Nuts for nuts is my favorite; it’s chock full of peanut butter, crushed peanuts, Reeses cups, and Reeses pieces! I’m planning on purchasing a giant order of the Saint Patty’s cake batter for next month. This flavor has cake batter dough, sprinkles, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and white chocolate chips! If you’re looking for a healthy treat, try the grain-free collection! The peanut butter chickpea chocolate chip is vegan, GF, and sugar free! How awesome is that? Dō has become one of my favorite NYC desserts. There is nothing better than raw cookie dough, especially if it’s NOBREAD approved! You can pick up your order in NYC, have it delivered for $15, or have it shipped overnight across the country!

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Your Tea


After seeing many photos of the famous Your Tea (Gluten Free) Tiny Tea 14 day Teatox on Instagram, Nobread decided to try the Teatox for ourselves. Your Tea makes both a non GF and a GF Tiny Tea, so be sure you order the Gluten Free one if you decide to try!

The gluten free Tiny tea Contains: Oolong Tea, Jue Ming Zi, He Ye, Shan Zha, Lai Fu Zi, and Chen Pi, which all assists with bloating, indigestion, as well as increases energy. There is zero cross contamination, and the tea had a citrusey taste and didn’t cause any adverse side effects. We noticed a decrease in bloating, since the ingredients of TinyTea set to work in our body to maximize digestion and gut functionality. Overall, the tea definitely woke us up and decreased bloating. It was a great addition to our GF breakfast regimen!! Tiny tea also makes other types of tea for other purposes, such as skin magic tea which contains Aloe Vera, Liquorice Root, Lotus Seed Heart, Jasmine, Chinese Red Tea, and Bai Xian Pi to assist in digestion, and help clear acne and eczema. In addition to their line of body teas, Your Tea also makes mood teas that are meant to help improve your mood! The Happy Tea is designed to increase mood, alleviate stress and ease anxiety.. (we might need to try this one out). Happy Tea contains Chrysanthemum, Barbary Wolfberry fruit, Hawthorn fruit, Lemon, Rose flower, and Chinese Red tea. For all you party animals out there, Hangover Tea is designed to assist with alleviating headaches, calming digestion, and balancing the body internally so you can get back to your normal routine after a night out on the town! Hangover tea contains  The Flower of Kidzu Vine, Trifoliate Orange, Wild Mountain Tea, Pu Gong Yin, and Chamomile.

While results from the Tiny Tea change from person to person, we are very happy with our Tiny Tea experience and would definitely recommend it to NOBREAD readers who want to decrease bloating! It works wonders when paired with diet and exercise and a healthy lifestyle!! We are huge Your Tea fans and we can’t wait to try some of their other teas!!

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Buff Bakes


Buff Bakes is a totally NOBREAD approved company making all natural protein-infused almond and peanut butters. All of their products are gluten free, made with 100% clean ingredients and infused with all-natural whey protein! They are also made with flaxseed, which is a great source of Omega-3! Buff Bakes has both almond butter and peanut butter products. The almond butter flavors are awesome: coffee bean, snickerdoodle, and cookie butter. The texture is amazing and the flavors are perfect and not overpowering. I love the coffee bean almond butter but the cookie butter is definitely my favorite! It tastes a lot like speculoos cookie butter, but definitely much healthier! Plus, each serving has 11 grams of protein! There are also amazing peanut butter options, such as cranberry coconut, cinnamon raisin, and chocolate chip. My absolute favorite is the cinnamon raisin peanut butter; it tastes great on oatmeal or on a rice cake! It’s made with high quality ingredients including roasted peanuts, all natural whey protein, coconut palm sugar, raisins, cinnamon, coconut oil, chia seed, and flax seed. Superfood central! You can buy Buff Bakes online or check out their website to find a store near you.

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The Good Bean


The Good Bean makes a range of chickpea-based snacks that are all certified gluten-free, nut-free, and Kosher! There are three product lines: roasted chickpea snacks, fruit and no nut bars, and the newly released bean chips with sweet potato and quinoa! The bean chips are delicious tortilla chips made with sweet potato and quinoa and they are high in protein as the other ingredients include chickpeas, navy beans, red lentils, and pea protein. Not only are they GF, but they are also corn-free, non-GMO, and an excellent source of fiber and Vitamin A. The flavors are sweet chili, jalapeno cheddar, sea salt, cheesy nacho, and BBQ bacon! Obviously, I’m partial to the bacon flavor! The roasted chickpea snacks are equally delicious. Flavors include cracked pepper, smoky chili and lime, sweet cinnamon, thai coconut, and chocolate. My favorite is the smoky chili and lime! They are crunchy and high in protein- the perfect post-workout snack. The Good Bean Fruit & No-Nut Bar are a snack bar alternative for those with nut allergies. Instead of nuts, these have chickpeas. Each bar has 8 grams of protein and only 140 calories! They come in apricot coconut, trail mix, and chocolate berry. You can find The Good Bean products in select stores or online!

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