Beam CBD

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In November 2018 I wrote my first blog post about CBD. And I’m happy to tell you that two and a half years later not only am I still infatuated with CBD, but everything in the post holds true. The post was months in the making, as I wanted to do thorough research before speaking to you all about CBD and the different brands I was trying. That post, which can be found here, is still one of my favorite, and most important, blog post’s to this day.

Do I still take CBD? Yes. Every. Single. Day.

As you all know from social media, I have been partnering with Beam CBD for the last year! I experimented with DOZENS of different CBD brands before finding Beam, and after my first dosage of their tincture I knew Beam was the one for me. I wanted to write this blog post today because I’m always asked so many questions about Beam and their different products. Depending on when you started following me, you may only be familiar with a few of their latest innovations. In today’s post I’m answering:

1. Why do you love Beam so much?

2. Which are your favorite Beam products?!

Let’s start with number one. After trying countless CBD brands on the market, I approached Beam about working together. Not only do I think they have an amazing product, but they were coming out with products in each category that I felt CBD was needed for most: sleep, recovery, energy, and balance (stress, anxiety, and calm fall under here). I met Beam’s Co-Founder, Matt Lombardi, and instantly related to his mission and purpose for the company. Between the Beam team and their mission and their product line, my involvement was a perfect fit. 

Now for number two, my favorite Beam products. Here’s my lineup:

  1. The tincture (CBD Oil)- I take 1500mg in the natural flavor every single morning. One dropper under my tongue right when I wake up. Hold it for 30 seconds as it dissolves. You can see an instagram post I did about the tincture, here. This was the first CBD product I was introduced to. Note: All Beam products are fully THC free, while maintaining the hemp plant’s most beneficial elements. CBD oil is the most direct way of taking CBD, and also the most impactful.  If you’re not a fan of the taste, it also comes in peppermint! The immediate effects I notice from the oil are digestion (helps go the bathroom), inflammation, and anxiety.
  2. Dream Capsules- FOR A GREAT NIGHT SLEEP!! I take two pills before I go to bed every night. The capsules contain Beam nano CBD, as well as 3mg melatonin, magnesium, reishi, and l-theanine; all supplements that aid with sleep. Sleeping 9 hours and more importantly, having restful sleeps, is one of my biggest health tips. The capsules launched last month, but Beam has had their Dream Blend since November 2019.
  3. Dream Blend- All the amazingness from above, but in a powder form. Add to hot water or hot nut milk in the evening before bed… the Dream Blend tastes like hot chocolate!! And we all know I’m a chocoholic. I made myself a little Dream Blend nightly before the capsules came out. Whether you are #2 or #3 is personal preference!!
  4. Boost– Let’s talk FITNESS and recovery! For all of my fellow athletes and fitness enthusiasts, Boost is for you! Boost is for joint/ muscle/ inflammation recovery. The difference ?! It is water-based, DRIES IN A SECOND, and made from nano CBD. So put it on, and instantly go back to doing your thing.
  5. The Fixer- Also for my fitness and recovery enthusiasts. The Fixer is Beam’s OG salve for soreness and muscle aches. It’s a thicker consistency (beeswax base) and made with relaxing lavender oil and rejuvenating eucalyptus. When I get a massage, I have the masseuse use this on me!! 

    Why Boost versus Fixer and vice versa!? Boost dries instantly and is great for on-the-go. Fixer I use when I’m at home, done for the day, and am down to have a cream stay on topically for a bit longer. 

  6. Clarity Blend- You all know how much I love my matcha. Well this is what I drink on the days when I want to take a break from my matcha latte. In place of matcha I make my clarity latte. This blend has adaptogens like lion’s mane, rhodiola, ashwagandha, and Beam nano CBD powder that all work together to jumpstart mental energy. I make this blend with hot coconut milk and vanilla stevia.

OKAY. THERE IT IS. Why I love Beam and my favorite Beam products!! Check out all of the Beam products we just discussed, here, and be sure to use code NOBREAD when you check out for 15% off!!