Carly’s Better Bites

I love baked goods… I always have and I always will. When I first went gluten free, it was SO difficult to not only find GF treats, but to find GF treats that ACTUALLY tasted good. Fast forward five years later and I am amazed at how many brands of gluten free baked goods have come […]


When I first went gluten free snacking was incredibly difficult! I was never one to pull out a bag of chips, and my favorite snacks (Nature Valley bars and other granola bars) all contained gluten. Thankfully, potato chips and tortilla chips (made from corn) are typically gluten free, and although these chips don’t have much […]

Kelly Rutherford

As head matriarch on Gossip Girl, Kelly Rutherford’s character, Lily Humphrey, ran New York City. So when we found out Mrs. NYC was gluten free, we knew we needed to catch up with Kelly and chat NOBREAD. Kelly explains why she went gluten free, how she is feeling now, and some of her favorite NYC restaurants! *************************************** […]

Gluten Free crab cake at Thyme Restaurant

Chef Tom Costello

Are you GF? If so, Celiac/allergic/sensitive? What made you realize you had an issue with gluten?  Yes, I am gluten free after being diagnosed with Celiac disease. I did not realize I had Celiac at first, but I had the majority of the common symptoms such as fatigue, vomiting, bloating and all of the GI […]


When I went gluten and dairy free five years ago, forget the bread… it was chocolate that I was most concerned about giving up! Thankfully, I’ve found plenty of gluten and dairy free snack brands to fill the void, and people are getting crafty and exploring the world of GF baking. For a few months […]

Chef GabeThompson

If you ask any foodie in New York City what they think of L’Apicio, L’Artusi, Dell’anima, or Anfora, I’d be SHOCKED if you found someone who didn’t like these restaurants. I’d also be SHOCKED if you found someone whose jaw didn’t drop as he or she exclaimed “oh my god I love it there” and SHOCKED if you found someone who didn’t […]

Pasta Flyer

Mark Ladner, Executive Chef of Del Posto, is highly acclaimed and praised amongst us in the gluten free community. Not only did he spearhead an effort to make Del Posto’s menu more accommodating for gluten allergies, but he successfully developed a gluten-free replica of everything on Del Posto’s menu, and he did it phenomenally well. […]

Young’s NYC

Young’s NYC Vegan, Vegetarian Made (WITH VEGETABLES) in America I love meeting people who love food, health & wellness, and who have made a career out of their passion. Alexander Meyers and Jessica Young of Young’s NYC are two perfect examples of this. After stints in the corporate restaurant world, both Alexander and Jessica left their […]

Taste of TriBeCa

Taste of TriBeCa is a one-of-a-kind outdoor culinary festival in New York City sponsored by Citi, Bayer Public Relations, Brown Harris Stevens, City Winery, Downtown Express, Douglas Elliman, and Flywheel, and features signature dishes from renowned TriBeCa chefs. The Festival takes place on Duane Street and makes for an afternoon of family fun and delicious food; and […]

Chef Mark Barrett

I’ve found an interesting correlation between restaurants that do a great job highlighting their gluten free options and the chef’s behind the scene; the chef’s of these restaurants have family or friends who are gluten intolerant, and recognize how difficult a dining experience can be. These chef’s also realize how important it is to ensure […]