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Contact Info

Pico: 8809 West Pico Blvd (Map)
Venice: 235 Main St (Map)
Cuisine: Mexican, Tacos
Price: $$

NoBread Facts

Gluten Free Menu: Yes

Cross Contamination: Yes

Malted Rice: No

Gluten Free Pasta: No

Gluten Free Bread: No

Gluten Free Taco Shells: Yes

So here's what we think...

Komodo has become popular for its unique and flavorful tacos, and although the establishment is known for these tacos, I would hardly classify it as your typical Mexican taqueria. With everything from Italian to Asian inspired tacos, Komodo takes unexpected risks when it comes to items on the menu. The restaurant was casual and affordable,  and one trip to the hotspot had me impressed and surprised by its bold flavor combinations…

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Komodo indicates gluten free options on the menu, making it easy for NOBREAD customers to indulge. It’s not hard to see why their miniature tacos have become fan-favorites either; taco renditions such as Italian and burger tacos are unique and appeal to diners of all tastes. The breakfast-style “Early Bird” taco is a huge hit and includes sunny-side up egg, bacon, mushroom, mozzarella cheese, sour cream, Italian sausage & red bell peppers. If you want to try a taco unlike any taco you have had before, try the spicy Singaporean-style shrimp taco… it’s awesome! Not in the mood for a taco? Good news! You can order any taco as a bowl over rice. The Kimchi nachos with bacon and Sriracha aioli sound absolutely incredible and this is the perfect dish for the guys out there looking to get a little messy. Komodo also has great healthy options like the Harvest salad with citrus beets, dates, roasted walnuts, goat cheese and balsamic reduction. To top things off, Komodo’s Lychee lemonade has a delicious and unique flavor that is tart and refreshing.

The menu at Komodo is small but far from simple thanks to the incredible diversity of the menu. The tacos have unique flavor-profiles that will have you thinking of traditional tacos in a whole new way! To try these unusual–but delicious–combinations yourself, stop by one of Komodo’s two locations, or track down their popular food truck… you won’t be disappointed!