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Address: 114 N Market St (Map)
Neighborhood: Inglewood
Cuisine: Vegan, Vegetarian
Phone: (310) 671-0115
Price: $$

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While there is no shortage of healthy restaurants in the Los Angeles area, few take the risk of going full vegan. Stuff I Eat, an Inglewood based establishment, takes the plunge and serves strictly vegan meals…but you won’t even know it! Everything on the menu is fresh, natural and at least 95% organic. Good health through good nutrition is their focus, and for over fifteen years they have been perfecting home cooked vegan cuisine in an effort to share good health through food…

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Don’t be fooled by its hole in the wall atmosphere; Stuff I Eat serves quality food that is both good for you and delicious. Stuff I Eat has developed a loyal following of regular customers because of how authentic it is, and the restaurant offers a wide variety of authentic vegan cuisine with vegan entrees, vegan and raw sides, and vegan and raw desserts that are made daily. Along with vegan dishes, Stuff I eat offers a plethora of gluten-free options! One of their most popular entrees, the hearty Enchilada Pie features fresh corn tortillas and yellow corn chips layered with a special blend of tomato sauce, a housemade savory sauce, fresh corn,vegan cheddar cheese, and polenta, all topped with salsa and guacamole. The dishes are all far from small in size and all come with a side salad. The Carrot Croquettes are innovative and unique, with two lightly-crisped croquette patties made of cornmeal and carrot pulp flavored with herbs and seaweed and served with sautéed spinach, a mixed green salad and your choice of mac n cheez (vegan, but not gluten free) or polenta cakes with gravy. The staff at Stuff I Eat is more than willing to accommodate every type of eater and is happy to modify entrees based on dietary restrictions!

The welcoming atmosphere and positive vibes that radiate from Stuff I Eat are consistent with their message to be kind to your body and to the earth! The delicious food, however, is the best aspect of the establishment making it well worth a visit, or two!