Kokus Coconut Soft Serve

Anyone with gluten allergies or other food intolerances knows the struggle of wanting to enjoy the same foods you’ve always loved and the same foods all of your friends are enjoying without the consequences. Especially when dealing with multiple food allergies or trying to heal your gut, going out to eat can become daunting and anxiety-inducing. That’s part of what led Carli Blum, the founder of Kokus Soft Serve, to create a completely allergen-friendly, plant-based soft serve that has added functional nutritional benefits.

Kokus, which first debuted at Smorgasborg last summer and will soon be sold in stores, comes in many beautiful and delicious coconut bowls that are all free of gluten, dairy, nuts, soy and egg. All of the toppings are safe for GF diners as well – the granola is Purely Elizabeth paleo probiotic granola for a happy tummy. The soft serve is sweetened only with honey – no processed sugars or mystery ingredients here – and the cultured coconut cream has the tart flavor you’re used to at traditional fro-yo and soft-serve places. Not to mention, they’re gorgeous – try your Kokus right in a coconut or with some blue majik (made from blue-green algae) sprinkled on top for a bowl that’s as beautiful as it is tasty.

We tried the Vitality and the Blue Majik bowls in coconuts, but will definitely be on the lookout for more Kokus popups to try the other menu items with ingredients like roasted coconut butter, bee pollen and black sesame granola.

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