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Bagelinos is a gluten free, savory breakfast pastry offering a gluten free take on a modern day bagel. It comes in two forms: original (similar to a cheesy bagel) and bun (similar to cheesy bread).  Bagelinos are made with 100% all natural gluten free tapioca flour and white cheese, and to top it off, they are naturally trans fat and preservative free!

I first tried the original Bagelinos and toasted it for breakfast. Toasting the bagel made the cheese flavor stand out, and I really enjoyed it! If only I had some cream cheese in my refrigerator; it would have gone great with the Bagelinos.

The Bagelinos bun is great for sandwiches and burgers. The Bagelinos team suggests using the bun for pulled pork sandwiches, and I can see why. The bun is a little less cheesy than the original Bagelinos, which makes it a great bun to use for sandwiches when you want a subtle cheesy flavor rather than a powerful one.

I love Bagelinos– they are a great snack at all times of day and a perfect addition to my breakfast. I cannot wait to experiment more with them; I have a few sandwich combinations I want to experiment with and some breakfast ideas I want to try out too!

Bagelinos can be purchased online on their website: They also gave nobread a custom coupon, which you can use to get 15% off your order and free shipping through the end of the month! The code is  “” !

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