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I love baked goods… I always have and I always will. When I first went gluten free, it was SO difficult to not only find GF treats, but to find GF treats that ACTUALLY tasted good. Fast forward five years later and I am amazed at how many brands of gluten free baked goods have come to the market, at how many dedicated GF bakeries have opened in NYC, and at how many people have taken GF baking into their own hands and created their own brand of treats.

Carly, of Carly’s Better Bites, started her baking business after 13 years of living a gluten free life… and I’m glad she did. Her cake bites are 100% gluten free and the cake part of the bite is also dairy free with the exception of a small amount of butter. Carly’s Better Bites are available in a variety of cakes, toppings, and chocolates, and the cakes are totally customizable. Cake flavors include vanilla, chocolate, funfetti, red velvet, and chocolate chip cookie dough, and chocolate coatings include white, dark, milk, pink, blue, and yellow chocolates. The cake bites are finished off with a variety of fun toppings and just like that you have a bite-size piece of heaven.

I had the opportunity to taste Carly’s Better Bites this weekend, and I loved them! I’m a chocolate addict, and as much as I loved the chocolate bites, I have to say the vanilla bites were my favorite. I also found that the bites are best when served at room temperature. As Carly exclaims on her website, “once you pop, you won’t be able to stop!” She’s right… you won’t stop! Carly’s Cake Bites are delicious and well deserving of all of the attention. Keep the bites coming, Carly!

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