Laceycakes is an awesome, New York City based company specializing in mini cupcakes that you can put your own pictures on! Yes, that means your favorite pics, embarrassing photos of your best friends, or your favorite emojis can all be turned into edible creations! The pictures are printed on edible discs and placed atop adorable cupcakes! How awesome is that? Good news for the NOBREAD crowd- Laceycakes can be made completely gluten free! These NOBREAD cupcakes are 1.5 inches in diameter and made with sprinkle-filled yellow cake. The non-GF flavors are funfetti, red velvet, vanilla, and chocolate. Laceycakes aren’t just cute; they’re delicious! I love the gluten free flavor; it’s sweet and festive! You can pick up to five images and phrases for your cupcakes, allowing for a lot of creativity. Whether you choose patterns, words, Leonardo DeCaprio’s face, or a photoshopped  picture of you kissing Leonardo DeCaprio’s face (you get the idea) you will love your Laceycakes cupcakes. Laceycakes is my new go-to birthday present! They’re available for delivery in the NYC area, or you can pick up your cupcakes from the team’s Union Square store. The cakes are definitely worth the trip!


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