Quinn Popcorn


Quinn Popcorn is a visionary snack company with a mission to reinvent the way we think about food. They make microwave and bagged popcorn in gourmet flavors with truly natural ingredients that you can feel good about. Plus, all of their products are NOBREAD approved! I’m so impressed by their farm-to-bag concept– you can enter your batch number online and find out where your ingredients come from! We really don’t pay enough attention to food production, so to be able to see where Quinn Popcorn sources their ingredients from is eye-opening. The popcorn isn’t just environmentally conscious and packaged in compostable material, but it’s also delicious! You need to try the Vermont maple and sea salt microwave popcorn. It will change your life! The kale and sea salt bagged popcorn is my favorite. With all it’s nutritional power, kale will never go out of style, and Quinn’s is giving us a new way to enjoy it! This snack is made with organic dried kale, non-GMO corn, and sunflower oil! Plus, it’s only 39 calories per cup– love it! Order Quinn Popcorn online or check out their website to find a store near you!

Where to find: http://quinnpopcorn.com/

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