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Simply Protein makes all natural, gluten free snacks that are praised for being “the most protein for the least calories.” Not only is the product’s nutritional content impressive, but the snacks themselves are pretty awesome as well! I’ve never seen protein chips before. Simply Protein’s come in BBQ tomato, spicy chili, herb, and sea salt and cracked pepper. They’re made with pea protein and have 15 grams of protein in every bag! The chips are crunchy and satisfying, with only 2 grams of sugar and 140 calories, and they are vegan and kosher too! Average potato chips have 18 grams of fat per serving… Simply Protein chips only have 4! Simply Protein bars are also delicious; they are dairy free, low in sugar and low glycemic, plus a great source of iron. My favorite flavor is the lemon coconut, but the chocolate caramel comes in a close second. Simply Protein also makes fruit and nut bars, protein crunch trail mix, whey bars, and mini protein bars! I appreciate SP’s dedication to serving people with dietary restrictions and helping keep our hunger at bay! You can find their products in stores or order online.

Simply protein also makes bars for kids! The Kids Bar is low in sugar, but high in fiber and protein. They come in three flavors: Apple Maple, Strawberry Vanilla, and Chocolate Banana. They are the perfect size for an after-school snack, as they are small but filling! The Nobread team tried and loved all three flavors! We especially loved the Strawberry Vanilla- it tasted like a strawberry milkshake! 

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