When I went gluten and dairy free five years ago, forget the bread… it was chocolate that I was most concerned about giving up! Thankfully, I’ve found plenty of gluten and dairy free snack brands to fill the void, and people are getting crafty and exploring the world of GF baking. For a few months now, I’ve seen gluten free nuggets popping up on my instagram news feed from the account ‘whatthegf.’ Famous for their #whatthegf and #biteme hashtags, these little gluten free nuggets have attracted quite the following! After checking out the account and seeing that ‘whatthegf’ was an instagram account for bize size chocolate ‘nuggets,’ I knew I needed to give them a try. Last week I was lucky enough to connect with Founder, Brooke Hamroff, and I’ve officially eaten my first nugget. Or should I say 9 nuggets, because I couldn’t stop after just one.

The nuggets are 100% gluten, nut, peanut, and soy free, and of course celiac safe (not just wheat free!) The coatings come in either semisweet or white chocolate, which sounds delicious but unfortunately for me, both contain dairy. Brooke caters to those who are dairy sensitive, and upon request makes gluten AND dairy free coated nuggets out of dairy free dark chocolate. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: The brownie itself is not 100% dairy free as a marginal amount of butter is used in the making of the brownie. If you are allergic to dairy, play it safe and skip the nuggets. I am dairy sensitive, and I am happy to announce I ate several nuggets and I didn’t experience any problems afterwards.

My favorite nuggets? The nugget with sugar crystals and the nugget with chocolate cookie crumbs (you can never have too much chocolate)! The nuggets were truly delicious, and I’m excited for Brooke and her venture. I’m also excited to become an avid customer of whathegf, and all of my nobread friends can start expecting these nuggets as gifts soon!


TO PURCHASE: http://www.whattheglutenfree.com/


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