Apple Slice Toast with Enjoy Life Chocolate

I did it! I cored an apple without an apple corer, and didn’t cut off my fingers!!! The process was fairly simple, but I don’t recommend kids doing it! Anywho, I’ve been looking into healthier variations of (gluten-free) toasts, and recently I’ve seen a lot of people using apple slices as the base in place of toast! It’s pretty genius if you ask me. Apple and sunbutter/chocolate sauce are my go-to’s when I’m having fondue, so it was only logical to use the two as my ‘toast’ spreads. With a few bags of Enjoy Life Baking Chocolate and Mini Chips on hand, I knew exactly what I was going to do.

What You Will Need:
2 Apples
1 T Sunbutter
1/4 Bag Enjoy Life Mini Chocolates to melt
To Top: Enjoy Life Mini Chips, Baking Chocolate, Mini Sugar Cookies, Nut & Seed Mix

What You Will Do:
Core the Apple: 
To core the apple, first slice off a thin layer of the bottom of the apple so it sits flat on the surface.
With a knife, cut straight down into the apple, creating a square around the core. Trace your knife through the four marks to define the square.
Press your fingers on the stem of the apple, and push down. The core should come through the bottom!
Now rotate the apple on its side, and cut horizontal slices, making rings!!

The Fun Part:
Melt your Enjoy Life Baking Chocolate for 60 seconds in the microwave on high.
Spread your sunbutter or melted chocolate on the apple slices, and top with whichever toppings you’re in the mood for!

This is the ULTIMATE snack for kids, either while at school or when they are back home! They won’t even realize they are eating apples! And for the adults, this snack is great, too. I mean, adding nutrients without sacrificing flavor is a total win! Enjoy!

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