BFree Soft White Sandwich Loaf


I’ve tried just about every gluten-free bread on the market. Partially because my name is NOBREAD, and every bread producer and manufacturer wants me to believe that their bread is the best on the market and partially because I genuinely miss my bread-eating days. Well I’ve eaten a lot of gluten-free bread, and most of it ain’t good. I felt this way until I met BFree Foods, an Ireland based gluten-free bread company that is rapidly making its mark here in America.

I was introduced to BFree foods last July and one delivery was all it took for BFree to become my favorite brand of gluten-free bread products on the market. I’ll let you check out our review for why, but gluten-free slider buns, hot-dog buns, wraps and MORE are just part of the reason! Today I decided to play with the classic BFree Soft White Bread. Not only is this bread gluten, dairy, and egg-free, but it is high in fiber and double the size of competing GF breads. And did I mention each slice is only 70 calories?! That’s almost half of the calories of GF breads that are half its size!


Instead of making a killer sandwich with the bread, today I decided to showcase the best use for bread… TOAST. Below are my 6 favorite breakfast toast combinations.

  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
  • Almond Butter Banana
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Butter with Gluten-Free Granola
  • Avocado Toast with Red Chile Flakes
  • Sunny Side Up Egg
  • Hummus Blueberry


Where can you buy BFree? BFree is rapidly expanding, and you should check their store locater, here, to see what stores near you carry. Oh and great news!! The breads are now available online! (CLICK HERE)

P.S. BFree just came out with SWEET POTATO WRAPS. I’m a sweet potato addict, so I have a feeling these wraps will be a frequent purchase in the NOBREAD household.

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