Caramelized Banana

As I’m sure you’ve seen, bananas are used quite often in my NOBREAD recipes! Typically, they are used as an ingredient to give my breakfast creations an extra kick of flavor, but bananas are also the perfect topping. Whenever I see caramelized bananas, I always want to try them. However, I am dairy-free, and anything caramelized is typically coated in butter. Well, to my dairy-free friends, this recipe for caramelized bananas uses vegan butter, so you can enjoy them too!

caramelized8 caramelized6

What You Will Need:
2 tbsp Dairy-free Butter
2 tbsp Brown Sugar
1 or 2 Bananas

caramelized4 caramelized5

What You Will Do:
Heat a skillet.
Add butter and brown sugar to the skillet, and mix it together as it melts!
Slice your banana however you please, and add it to the skillet!
Cook for ~2 minutes, or until bottom is brown, and then flip!
Cook again for ~2 minutes.

caramelized3 caramelized2

That’s it! It’s easy! Add your banana bites to your dairy-free ice cream, and have yourself an ice cream sundae!


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