Hard Boiled Eggs

Hard Boiled Eggs- they seem so simple, yet if done incorrectly they can be so hard to make! And don’t even get me started on Poached Eggs. Today I want to show you JUST how easy Hard Boiled Eggs are to make, and take your brunch bowl game to a new level!

What You Will Need:
Eggs!! I used Pasture Raised Organic Eggs… ONLY!

What You Will Do:

Place eggs in a pot and fill with cool water. Fill the pot so that the eggs are covered by at least one inch, and leave the pot uncovered.
Turn heat on, and bring pot to a boil.
Once the water is boiling, turn the heat off and cover the pot for 10-12 minutes. (Leave pot on the heated burner).
Remove eggs from the pot, and rinse them under cool water so they stop cooking.
Peel off the egg shell and serve!

I most often make Hard Boiled Eggs when I am doing my meal prep. If I know I am going to be traveling or in transit during a meal time, three hard boiled eggs and half an avocado has become my go-to meal! They may not smell like roses, and people may throw you a glare, but hard-boiled eggs are the perfect protein and fat packed addition to your meal. A hard boiled egg also goes a long way in a brunch bowl or sliced and placed on top of toast. Enjoy!

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