Marbled Cupcakes

In my humble opinion, there is no better treat than cupcakes. They are mini, delicious, and satisfying. But finding a good gluten-free recipe for cupcakes can be very difficult. Sometimes pre-made mixes can be dry or tasteless. Well, no need to worry because this cupcake recipe is going to put all those fears to rest! Plus, you can make it with literally ANY kind of cake mix you choose.


What You’ll Need:
1 box of gluten-free cake mix (I used yellow cake mix, but this works with vanilla, funfetti, chocolate– you name it!)
4 eggs
2/3 cup milk
1/2 oz softened butter
As much Nutella as you want

What You’ll Do:

Mix cake mix, eggs, milk, and butter into a bowl and stir with a whisk until blended. Then pop into a cupcake pan, only filling up each cupcake hole half way. Drizzle melted Nutella on each cupcake, and then add more batter to each hole. Top with more drizzled Nutella, or don’t! (I used both and they were awesome. But, if you choose not to drizzle more Nutella on top, you’ll get an amazing chunk of the choco mix in the middle of your cupcake).


Bake for 35-45 minutes. Your oven should be preheated to 350 degrees.

After the cupcakes come out of the oven, let cool for 10 minutes, serve and enjoy! Also, feel free to Instagram your creation– your followers will love it.


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