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Address: 10 Mott St (Map) Neighborhood: Chinatown Cuisine: Ice Cream Website: 10belowicecream.com Phone: (212) 965-1336 Price: $

NoBread Facts

Gluten Free Menu: Yes

Cross Contamination: Yes

Malted Rice: N/A

Gluten Free Pasta: N/A

Gluten Free Bread: N/A

Gluten Free Taco Shells: N/A

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Thai-inspired ice cream rolls are the new and upcoming ice cream concoction. While this treat seems to be the new food-fad in New York City, it’s definitely no hype. 10Below is the first establishment in NYC serving Thai-inspired ice cream rolls. Their name already suggests the extremely cool ice cream making process—a liquid cream is poured over a cold plate that reaches temperatures well below -10°F. Once the ice cream hardens within 2 minutes, it’s rolled into pretty little curls!…

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  While the lines can be incredibly long during peak hours and on weekend nights, I was able to avoid the heavy customer traffic by going in the afternoon. Their menu boasts a variety of delicious pre-made flavors with creative names, such as the Monkey Business—a banana and Nutella ice cream base. Most of their flavors are gluten-free except for those containing graham crackers and Oreos. I decided on the Matcha Made in Heaven, which was green tea and blueberry. The best part was their toppings; the perfect opportunity to go crazy with all the gluten-free topping options ranging from their fruits, sauces, and marshmallows! I topped mine with more blueberries, coconut shavings, and a drizzle of condensed milk. The texture was incredibly rich, creamy, and dense, and I loved how pronounced the green tea flavor was. If you’re in the mood for an icy treat but something different than your usual ice-cream-in-a-cone fixing, head over to 10Below. Not only is their ice cream delicious, but the ambiance is fun and hip; all the workers there are young and can always be seen singing and dancing to all the current songs streaming from the store’s stereo. Just make sure to take a picture of your beautiful ice cream rolls against their famed colorful whale wall before you leave!