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  • Somethings been on my mind lately and Im curious to
    Something's been on my mind lately and I'm curious to hear your thoughts ‍♀️ ************ More than ever recently, when I order at a restaurant and say I'm gluten-free, i'm asked "is it an allergy or a preference?" Part of me says "oh nice, they get it, and they'll actually relay my allergy/that I'm  #glutenfree  and take it seriously." But the other part of me says "Why does it matter??" If someone has Celiac, or an intolerance, or it's just a preference, WHO CARES!! Caution/consideration should be put into the meal *update* I love that it is asked Bc of
  • A couple of things I LOVE THE PEOPLE IN MY
    A couple of things I LOVE: THE PEOPLE IN MY LIFE ❤️ walks/hikes The beach Chocolate Cooking  #glutenfree  pastries Country music Reading MY FAMILY/BEST FRIENDS Traveling Bravo TV The today show Yoga Avocados ... oh, and the fact that I wake up every day and know that I’m doing what I am MEANT to be doing. Creating, teaching, and (hopefully) impacting lives. The  #nobread  reBOOT FREE ebook drops S O O N xx Nicole
  • Valentines GIVEAWAY CLOSED!  To tomato or to keep it
    Valentine’s GIVEAWAY CLOSED! ❤️❤️ To tomato or to keep it classic?! That is the question... ************************  @sara .haven And I want to give you 6 BAGS OF CAULIFLOWER GNOCCHI and a $50 gift card to Trader Joe's!! There will be two winners!! ****************** TJ's  #glutenfree   #vegan  Cauliflower Gnocchi is hard to get your hands on!! And we want to make it easier for YOU! ****************** TO WIN! 1. FOLLOW  @sara .haven and  @NOBREAD . 2. Tag your VALENTINE(S)! *** 3. Bonus if you’ve liked my last few pics, too! ****************** Good Luck!!! Can't wait to share our obsession with you! Winner chosen next
  • I got the hottest date the best days are the
    I got the hottest date the best days are the spur the moment, unplanned ones with best friends... that turn into pretty epic nights . Love you  @nina   #GRAMMYS 
  • What people THINK GLUTENFREE is like versus What GlutenFree is
    **What people THINK  #GLUTENFREE  is like versus What Gluten-Free is ACTUALLY LIKE** ****************** When I tell people I'm gluten-free, I'm often met with, "So you're vegan?" or "Got it. So no carbs." FALSE. TEN years ago, I too believed that GF life meant egg whites and greens... but that was because gluten-free knowledge was so limited back then and finding a delicious gluten-free alternative for pancakes, pizza, etc was RARE. ****************** The most amazing part about being GF for so long has been watching this industry grow and CHANGE in front of my eyes.  #glutenfree  is FOR SURE a healthier
  • Post workout reads and SNACKS protein is a HUGE part
    Post workout reads and SNACKS protein is a HUGE part of every meal and snack i have... And often times it’s plant based protein that I’m rocking. That’s why I’m always eating  @gomacro  bars... such an amazing source of plant based protein... and even better when you throw a few chocolate chips in there  #glutenfree   #plantbased   #nobread   #partner 
    THE FAMOUS  @levainbakery  (NYC) CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE NOW HAS A  #GLUTENFREE  SISTER!! They are now making a chocolate chip walnut cookie with gluten-free ingredients! (there is cross-contamination risk as it is produced in the same kitchen as the reg cookie!) it also has dairy so even though I personally couldn’t have it... I NEEDED you all to know about it ! NYC, go now! they sent the cookies here to me in LaLa and my friends said it was to die for at our last girls night! Xx  #nobread   #nobreadtravels  TAG SOMEONE WHO NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT THIS **they are
  • Crossroads in LA introduced the new Glutenfree impossible burger onto
    Crossroads in LA introduced the new  #Glutenfree  impossible burger onto their menu, and they have an INSANE GF,  #vegan  pasta... so like any good Italian I went three times in one week! anddd you should too! xx  #nobread 
  • GIVEAWAY CLOSED !!  honeydrop And I want to give
    **GIVEAWAY CLOSED !! **  @honeydrop  And I want to give you a $300 AMEX GIFT CARD and ONE case of each NEW CBD HONEYDROP!! ****************** Honeydrop just came out with their CBD LINE!!! REHAB (Turmeric), RELAX (Lemon), REVIVE (Matcha). I'm always raving about Honeydrop's LOW-SUGAR cold-pressed lemonades on my stories, and I am SO excited about this new launch. ****************** TO WIN! 1. FOLLOW  @honeydrop  and  @NOBREAD . 2. Like THIS and my last TWO photos! 3. Tag your friends! ***each new comment with a tag is an additional entry! ***(So yes, the more entries the better!!!!) ****************** Good Luck!!! honestly,
  • In honor of Superbowl weekend WHAT TOM BRADY EATS IN
    In honor of  #Superbowl  weekend... WHAT TOM BRADY EATS IN A DAY is up on my YouTube channel (NicoleCogan)! If you’re already a health conscious person, it’s actually not bad! If you’re not, however, I wish you luck Link in my stories and bio!!  #glutenfree   #nobread