Canyon Bakehouse

7-grain-lgCanyon Bakehouse has an amazing range of NOBREAD-approved baked goods! Their sandwich breads are awesomeI’ve used them to make everything from toast to grilled cheese. Their muffins are moist and delicious too! The products are 100% whole grain and are made with all natural ingredients. The bread is sweetened with organic agave syrup rather than white sugar, making the bread healthy too! Not only are Canyon Bakehouse products gluten free, but they are also nut free, soy free, dairy free, and casein free. They are not vegan, however, since eggs are used. The hamburger and hot dog buns are perfect for summer BBQs, and I’m obsessed with the rosemary and thyme focaccia. It tastes amazing with prosciutto and cheese, and makes for the perfect thick-crust pizza base! It’s an awesome, quick dinner! The sliced bread comes in mountain white, deli rye style, cinnamon raisin, and 7-grain. Canyon Bakehouse products can be purchased online; the bread comes in single bags or cases, which include 10 loaves of bread. The bread also freezes and defrosts really well so don’t worry about ordering in bulk. They have several store-fronts as well, so check out their website!

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