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For the five years I have been gluten free, I’ve hunted for quality gluten free granola. Well, I am happy to announce that my hunt has ended. Last week, I discovered Jessica’s Naturals Foods, a brand of all natural gluten free granola, and my life has changed.

Not only is Jessica’s granola gluten free, but it is non-GMO verified, has no artificial flavors, colors, refined sweeteners, or transfats, and there is zero cholesterol! The granola is available in 6 flavors, and last week I had the opportunity to try one of each flavor. I intended to try each flavor over the course of 6 weeks (one flavor per week), but the granola gift lasted me 3 days! The flavors include almond cherry, chocolate chip, vanilla maple, cherry and berry, pecan almond, and double chocolate chip. My two favorites were, of course, the chocolate chip and chocolate granola with chocolate chips; I had a feeling this would be the case given my chocolate addiction. The chocolate is dairy free, too; however, it does contain soy lecithin, so if you are sensitive to soy I would be careful. Runner up to the chocolate flavors, I loved the almond cherry and cherry berry. Dried fruit is another guilty pleasure of mine and the granola contained the perfect ratio of dried fruit to oats.

I’ve tried several varieties of gluten free granola, and Jessica’s is by far the best I’ve had. Other brands granola that consist of plain gluten free oats are exactly that, too plain, and other brands that try to be interesting and creative contain too much sugar or other ingredients that don’t make me feel great. Jessica’s granola is made with certified gluten-free oats and is loaded with delicious, HEALTHY ingredients like ground flax, coconut, honey and pure maple syrup. The granola is perfect at any time of day; add it to your yogurt or cereal in the morning for breakfast, take a handful with you to work for a snack, or (in my case) put some aside for a late night treat. Thank you Jessica’s for mastering the perfect gluten free granola!

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