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La Pasta is a line of all-natural, freshly made pasta. Based out of Washington DC, La Pasta has been producing delicious pastas and gourmet sauces for over 30 years! La pasta prides itself on its quality; not only are no sugar enhancers used, but ingredients are healthy and simple. Best of all, La Pasta is allergy conscious and has a line of gluten-free pasta!

Often, restaurants will carry gluten-free pasta, and exclaim that all pastas can be made with the gluten-free alternative EXCEPT for the stuffed pastas a.k.a. ravioli and gnocchi. Well, I’m happy to announce that La Pasta has not one, but TWO, gluten-free raviolis! Gluten-free Mushroom Ravioli and Gluten-Free Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli. For the purist, these pasta dishes are a meal on their own. I, however, like to pair them with a sauce and a little protein for an even more complete meal.


For those of you who like a classic pasta, La Pasta also makes Gluten-Free Fettuccine, Bucatini, and Linguine! All gluten-free pastas are certified GF and USDA Organic… what could be better?! The pastas are portioned well, and I recommend one package for two people. Lastly, I can’t forget to mention La Pasta’s signature sauces. All sauces are gluten-free, and like the pasta, ingredients used in the sauces are fresh and simple.

As much as I wish the La Pasta was sold everywhere, the brand is sold selectively in retail outlets, and here is a list of places they can be found!

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