The Protein Bakery


I have an awesome line of NOBREAD friendly desserts to share with you guys: The Protein Bakery! The treats are made with oat flour, but they are not certified gluten free because the baking facility uses gluten in other products. If cross contamination is not an issue, however, I highly recommend TPB products! I believe protein is the key to staying full; it helps you avoid mindless snacking and maintain a healthy weight. Let’s face it though—there are those times where we’re all craving a brownie. The Protein Bakery makes indulging responsible. Their cookies are thick and chewy and come in peanut butter, oatmeal cranberry, oatmeal chocolate chip, chocolate white chip, and chocolate chocolate chip! I’m a chocolate fiend, so I’m obsessed with the double chocolate! I also love their brownies, which come in black and white, peanut butter, and chocolate chip. The blondies are amazing too, in black and white, peanut butter, and my favorite of the bunch, coconut walnut dark chocolate chip! Seriously delicious, with six grams of protein! If you have trouble with portion control, definitely order the minis—these little bites only have around 100 calories per serving. The Protein Bakery makes awesome assortments for peanut butter lovers, athletes, and foodies! I think they’d be awesome gifts for your wellness-minded friends or anyone with a sweet tooth. You can find TPB at your favorite NYC spots like Equinox or Just Salad, and they can be ordered off their website as well.
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