My House! Thanks to Poly & Bark


Three and a half years ago, when I moved into my first apartment in Los Angeles, I honestly didn’t know WHAT I was doing. Was I going to stay in LA for 3 months? A year? Three years? FOREVER?! Did I like West Hollywood? The west side? Given my life’s state of confusion, I got my first apartment but didn’t take any time to decorate it or make it feel like a true home. As time told, however, Los Angeles became my true love and it is for sure where I plan to spend (at least) the next few years of my life. But that first apartment- yeah it needed to go.

Welcome to my new apartment!! I’ve actually been looking for a new place to live for the last two years, but I’ve been super picky and hesitant to pull the trigger. That was until I found my current gem, a two-story apartment with my own private roof!! My home is my precious angel, and I am treating it as such. How? Well for starters, I am designing and styling it with the BEST of the best furniture and elements.

This is where I will introduce Poly & Bark!! I found Poly & Bark while SCOURING the Internet for Los Angeles’ best furniture. Not only is P&B BEYOND affordable, but it is SO trendy and cool. I told my decorator (shout out to @spatialsoulutions) I wanted the theme of my home to be “Tulum meets Venice but in West Hollywood,” and Poly & Bark’s modern, staple furniture pieces have totally made this possible. To top it off, their customer service was a gem and all furniture was incredibly easy to set up. HAVE I SAID HOW BEAUTIFUL IT IS, TOO?! Yes? Okay well get ready for me to reiterate that several more times.

P&B and I focused on my Living Room, lighting, and supplemental pieces for the bedrooms.

Living Room <<click each below to be directed to the link!>>
Coffee Table
Side Table
Accent Chair

Hallway and dining room chandeliers
Living room light

Master Bedroom:

Guest Room:

To say I am happy with my furniture and fixtures is a total understatement. Having a home that is filled with so much beauty and good energy has made me the HAPPIEST person. I kid you not, some nights before I go to sleep I giggle because I am SO happy. I look forward to growing as a person and as a creative in this home, and I can’t wait to share more of this journey with you!