Nicole Cogan – Founder & CEO

Hi Everyone! I’m Nicole! Founder of NOBREAD.

Nine years ago I realized I had a health condition that would change my life forever: I was allergic to gluten. I was formally an Equity Sales Analyst at J.P. Morgan; a job where taking clients out to lunches and dinners was a requirement in my industry. I loved my job, but always explaining to the restaurant server or manager that I was gluten-free, especially in large group settings, was extremely wearing. I started NOBREAD as a guide to myself, outlining gluten-free dishes and substitutions, so that I could choose my meals before client outings.

What started out as a personal convenience turned into a passion, and that passion became my full-time career. In June 2014, I left my job in finance and a few months later officially started NOBREAD.COM, to give diners a convenient resource for ordering gluten-free food and drink in New York City. NOBREAD has since expanded to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, DC, Chicago, and London, customizing each restaurant menu to give gluten-free options and suggestions for consumers.

My goal is to bring together all aspects of the gluten-free life! From dining out at restaurants to homemade recipes, and from the best food, beverage, and beauty products to travel and fitness tips, the goal of NOBREAD is to show that just because your life has to be affected, it doesn’t mean your lifestyle has to be!!!

** Note: NOBREAD is a ‘guide’ to make your dining experience easier and less stressful! All diners are encouraged to tell their waiters/the restaurant about their allergy, as menus and kitchen policies are subject to change!

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