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Contact Info

Address: 717 6th St NW (Map)
Neighborhood: Penn Quarter
Cuisine: American, Beer, Wine & Spirits
Phone: (202) 774-5867
Price: $$
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NoBread Facts

Gluten Free Menu: Yes

Cross Contamination: Yes

Malted Rice: N/A

Gluten Free Pasta: No

Gluten Free Bread: No

Gluten Free Taco Shells: Yes

So here's what we think...

Bar Deco is one of the newer additions to the Chinatown dining scene, but it certainly came in with a bang. Located in an old warehouse, Bar Deco exhibits a trendy décor, with an equally as modern menu to boot…

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I’ve been to Bar Deco a few times, but on this occasion I came in for brunch. The spot is really good for literally anything, from brunch, to dinner, to happy hour, or even a post-Caps game drink. The restaurant spans three levels plus a rooftop, with different vibes on each floor so there is plenty of space for any type of atmosphere you’re looking for.

Moments after being seated, my server provided be with a tasty little amuse bouche in the form of a corn chip topped with a sort of corn and jalapeño chutney with a spicy aioli on top. The entire morsel could be consumed in one bite, and it was an intriguing combination of spicy, sweet and crunchy.

Next, my guest and I both ordered cocktails from Bar Deco’s extensive cocktail menu. They specialize in modern twists on classic beverages, in addition to some more unique creations by the bar program. My friend ordered the Decomosa with muddled raspberries, peaches, simple syrup, and champagne. This drink was on the sweeter side, but had a nice lightness from the champagne. I ordered the Strawberry Lemon Spritzer, which was right up my alley. Made with Ketel One vodka, strawberry simple syrup, fresh lemon, soda water, and mint, this was the perfect drink for brunch.

For food, we decided to get an array of dishes, including the Tasso Omelet, Breakfast Sandwich, Corned Beef Hash, and Grilled Asparagus. Every dish was consistent in flavor and ingenuity, it was hard to pick a favorite. The Tasso Omelet, with Tasso ham and rock shrimp, was definitely tied for first place. The omelet was fluffy and cooked to perfection, and the ham added a nice saltiness to the dish. There was an impressive amount of rock shrimp in the omelet – Bar Deco did not skimp on the protein – and each meaty bite was like the cherry on top of an already well-composed dish.

The Corned Beef Hash was the other dish tied for first. I am a huge fan of corned beef hash and will always order the dish whenever I see it on the menu. This means I’ve had many a corned beef hash in my day, but Bar Deco’s stood up to task. The potatoes were flavorful and also colorful, with the addition of sautéed peppers, and the poached egg on top provided a great amount of yolk porn.

As the last entrée, I ordered the Breakfast Sandwich without the bun, which was still delicious. The sandwich consisted of crisp pork belly with avocado mayo and an over easy egg atop lettuce. I was especially obsessed with the pork belly, which was thick cut and meaty, unlike many brunch places that skimp on thickness. This dish also came with Bar Deco’s home fries, which were finely diced, crispy potatoes with sautéed peppers. I had never seen home fries diced so finely, but doing this allowed them to become extremely crispy, which is something I definitely look for in a home fry.

Lastly, we ordered the Grilled Asparagus, which was without a doubt the most beautiful asparagus I had ever seen. Each stalk was huge and meaty, which are two words not typically used to describe a vegetable. I really liked that Bar Deco chose grilling as the cooking method for this asparagus, as the smoky flavor imparted by the grill added a complex and interesting flavor profile.

While I greatly enjoyed brunch, Bar Deco is the type of place you need to frequent multiple times, because you absolutely have to try the food for every meal. I also highly suggest making a trip to the rooftop, as there is ample room for seating and standing, and there’s a fully stocked bar too all with beautiful views of the city.