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Contact Info

Address: 1522 14th Street NW (Map)
Neighborhood: Logan Circle
Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi
Phone: 202 545-6333
Price: $

NoBread Facts

Gluten Free Menu: Yes

Cross Contamination: No

Malted Rice: No

Gluten Free Pasta: N/A

Gluten Free Bread: N/A

Gluten Free Taco Shells: N/A

So here's what we think...

Maki Shop is reinventing the way we eat sushi. They provide a multitude of unique flavor combinations, such as Poke Tuna with black rice, papaya, and kaiware sprouts, in sausage-like rolls. The hardest part about eating at Maki Shop is not choosing your roll, but figuring out how to eat it!…

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Maki Shop is a fast-casual Japanese eatery specializing in sushi rolls. The concept behind this restaurant was created by Darren Lee Norris, the chef and owner behind the former Kushi, and part of the team behind the Black Whiskey. Maki Shop aims to avoid the pitfalls of pre-made rolls (these pitfalls are gummy rice and soggy seaweed). A high-tech rice mixer cooks and seasons the rice, which is then paired with a variety of unique fillings. From there, the rolls are individually sealed in plastic, like sausage links, with a sheet of nori (seaweed) packaged on the outside of the roll. When you are ready to eat your roll, you just remove the plastic and wrap the crunchy nori around the roll. However, this process is easier said that done. It took me about five minutes to figure out how to wrap my first Maki roll!

If you are ordering Maki Shop for a meal I recommend ordering two rolls. Each individual roll is portioned to be more of a snack than a full meal, but two make the perfect meal. I tried the Spicy Tuna and the Salmon Roll. However, there are more unique flavor combinations that are nobread friendly, such as Wild Mushrooms with kinpira burdock, red bell pepper, and asparagus. Maki Shop is also nobread friendly because they use tamari instead of soy sauce in their recipes! I cannot wait to go back and try the Poke Tuna and Yuzu Zucchini rolls!

Maki Shop is a must visit if you like sushi. Their new take on sushi is innovative and the unique flavor combinations are sure to surprise you!