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Address: 7515 W Sunset Boulevard (Map)
Juice Bars & Smoothies
(323) 378-5691

NoBread Facts

Gluten Free Menu: Yes

Cross Contamination: No

Malted Rice: N/A

Gluten Free Pasta: N/A

Gluten Free Bread: N/A

Gluten Free Taco Shells: N/A

So here's what we think...

Lifehouse Tonics is definitely not your average LA juice bar, and I say that in the most complimentary of ways. This place is in existence to truly make you the healthiest version of yourself by educating you on natural, good-for-you superfoods you may never have heard of before. Literally anything you could purchase from Lifehouse will put your normal green juice to shame. Oh, and did I mention that everything at this place is gluten-free? Yeah. It really is a vision…

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Lifehouse’s menu is broken down into four parts ­– blended tonics, probiotic tonics, steeped elixirs, and wellness shots. Naturally, I had to try one of each. Since I was feeling a little under the weather, I opted for the “Immunity” wellness shot, made with coconut water, lemon, turmeric, ginger, apple cider vinegar, oregano oil, grapefruit seed oil, maple syrup, and cayenne. That’s a whole lot of ingredients for one, little shot, but you know there were at least fourth health reasons behind each one qualifying it to be in this immunity-boosting, yet small package.

Since I was having a hard time deciding which steeped elixir to get, I ended up just getting a flight with multiple flavors. My favorites included the Lifehouse Cold Brew, Agua de Jamaica, and Endless Summer. The Lifehouse Cold Brew tasted just like your normal cold brew, but with the added benefits of chaga, cocoa butter, eleuthero, wild mint, rose hip, and lakanto. You might need to invest in a health dictionary before stepping into Lifehouse – or you can pick the manager’s brain like I did – but you will no doubt learn something new from this place.

The Agua de Jamaica was a beautiful pink hue from the hibiscus, and tasted like a refreshing iced tea without all the junk. The Endless Summer tonic was the most beautiful shade of turquoise I have ever seen. Seriously, I kind of want to take this drink to Home Depot and have them make it into a paint color so I can be surrounded by it at all times. This tonic gets its beautiful color from aloe, accompanied by lime, raspberry, magnesium, lakanto, e3live blue magik.

Last but far from least was the Shroom Shake. I have so many things to say about this beverage but I will try and confine it to a few sentences. This drink blew my mind. It tastes just like a coffee shake you would get at any ice cream parlor, but it actually contains over four different types of mushrooms and other fun ingredients like lion’s mane, cacao butter, and cinnamon. When I visited Lifehouse I had just started the keto diet a few days earlier, so I just assumed I wouldn’t be able to consume the entirety of anything. Boy, was I wrong. Two sips into the Shroom Shake, I shyly asked the manager how many grams of carbs and sugar were in the drink. I literally began to wince, ready to hear the worst, and was amazed when he said there were only 6 grams of carbs. Only 3 grams of which were sugar. 100 calories total. I could not believe it. I demanded to see the nutrition facts and was blown away. This drink truly was good for you in a way no smoothie or health “shake” has really been before. I guzzled down the rest of this baby and felt sheer joy.

While the prices at Lifehouse are a bit beyond what you’d normally pay, you must trust me when I say it’s worth it. The guys at Lifehouse really know what they’re doing. And while you may not know what those seemingly random ingredients are, the people working there most certainly do. Would it be too far to say I’d trust these guys with my life? Probably, but whatever. I’ve been hypnotized by the Shroom Shake.