Halo Top Creamery

Thanks to Halo Top Creamery, you no longer have to choose between a healthy snack or a treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth! All ice cream is rich in protein and low in sugar, and not to mention, it is the first ever low-calorie ice cream the that’s 100% all-natural and non-gmo! Oh, and before I forget, all flavors of Halo Top are gluten free! With only 60 calories per serving (70 cal for Strawberry flavor), Halo Top Creamery lets you indulge without feeling guilty. Who knew ice cream could be both decadent and healthy?

Halo comes in four flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Lemon cake. I was skeptical at first—how could ice cream taste good if it is only 240 calories per pint? With each bite, I could taste the ingredients of authentic Belgian chocolate, pure Madagascar vanilla, and real California strawberries in the respective flavors. My favorite was the Lemon Cake—it was just the perfect amount of zesty freshness and sweet richness!

Since Halo Top doesn’t use artificial softeners and is low in fat and sugar, they recommend that you give the cartons a couple minutes on the counter to let the ice cream soften up a bit before digging in. Both the Vanilla and Chocolate flavors were extremely creamy and rich.

Halo Top Creamery has a “Where to Buy” tab on their website which enables you to type in your address/zip code to find their products that are closest to you. For those of you who can’t find a local store on the map, simply drop off a product request form at customer service the next time you shop and hopefully discover Halo Top in your ice cream aisle soon!

Save the extra calories of your generic ice cream brand and try Halo Top Creamery. The name says it all: with one bite of this indulgent treat, you’ll be transported to ice cream heaven.

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