ABC Kitchen

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Address: 35 E 18th Street (Map)
Neighborhood: Flatiron
Cuisine: American, French
Phone: (212) 475-5829
Price: $$$
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NoBread Facts

Gluten Free Menu: No

Cross Contamination: Yes

Malted Rice: N/A

Gluten Free Pasta: No

Gluten Free Bread: No

Gluten Free Taco Shells: N/A

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ABC Kitchen, a Jean Georges masterpiece, is a Flatiron hotspot with an incredible vibe making it perfect for any occasion. I’ve been wanting to dine here for years, and my desire only grew when I saw on their website that their food is farm-to-table, organic, and “free of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, insecticides, antibiotics, hormones, [and] is GMO-free.” More organic= less gluten!…

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The food at ABC is naturally very nobread friendly, and when it’s not, substitutions can be made. From the market table the diced crab and the roasted butternut squash with apple cider vinegar toasts are my absolute favorites; however, as implied by their names, both are served on top of bread. As I am not too sensitive to cross contamination, I ate the crab and squash off of the bread; this is literally incredible. If you are sensitive to cross contamination, ask for your appetizer #nobread or with a gluten free alternative. The roasted beets are another big hit and are also #nobread approved. All appetizers on the party menu are nobread friendly, and you cannot go to ABC Kitchen without having the roast carrot and avocado salad. The kale salad nocroutons and roasted pear salad with apples are more must-orders! The whole wheat pizzas look incredible but unfortunately you will have to sit these out. Lastly, for entrees, the organic chicken, black sea bass with baby market potatoes, spinach, and olive oil, and scallops are fantastic. Each time I go to ABC kitchen I leave in an absolute food coma. One dish that you cannot come here without ordering is the roasted cauliflower with fried egg and walnuts. Unique, flavorful, and #nobread approved when you ask for nobreadcrumbs. For sides I recommend the mushrooms (if you are a mushroom fan) and the roasted brussels sprouts; these are so good I always have to ask my server to bring out more!

The quality of the food at ABC Kitchen is fantastic, the presentation is incredible, and I couldn’t have been more satisfied with my meal. Other nobread options from the regular menu that I will have to come back to try are the akaushi burger #nobread and nocheese (made with my favorite: Wgayu beef), the skuna bay salmon, slow cooked halibut, Maine lobster, quinoa side, and asparagus salad (#nocheese). Oh and for dessert, the salted caramel sundae.