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Address: 20 Spring St (Map)
Neighborhood: NoLiTa
Cuisine: Italian, Mediterranean
Phone: 1.212.334.1015
Price: $$
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NoBread Facts

Gluten Free Menu: No

Cross Contamination: Yes

Malted Rice: No

Gluten Free Pasta: Yes

Gluten Free Bread: No

Gluten Free Taco Shells: N/A

So here's what we think...

Are you shocked that NOBREAD ate at Bread NoLiTa? If you answered yes then you’re not alone. I went to Bread this weekend expecting that I would not be able to eat anything, but to my surprise the menu is relatively gluten friendly. No gluten free bread is served, but gluten free penne is available and several pasta dishes can be made gluten free!..

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For brunch, I recommend any of the egg dishes. All eggs are organic, and the omelette is made with 4 eggs and completely filling. A range of eggs benedicts are on the menu, too. Order your benedict nobread; it will be served on top of greens or extra prosciutto. The salad list at Bread is extensive and all salads are large, yet healthy. The arugula salad no parmesan, shrimp salad with avocado and asparagus, and the quinoa salad with red onions, carrots, cucumbers and walnuts are crowd favorites. As I mentioned, gluten free penne is on-site so pasta dishes excluding the lasagna, ravioli, and gnocci can be made gluten free.

Sauteed spinach, haricot verts, brussels sprouts, and sauteed kale complete the menu as healthy side options, and these sides are the perfect supplement to your large Italian meal. I opted for a salad on my visit to Bread, but with a whole menu of nobread approved options, I think I need to come back again soon.