HU Kitchen

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Address: 78 5th Ave (Map)
Neighborhood: Union Square
Cuisine: Cafe, Gluten Free, Fast Casual
Phone: (212) 510-8919
Price: $$

NoBread Facts

Gluten Free Menu: Yes

Cross Contamination: No

Malted Rice: No

Gluten Free Pasta: N/A

Gluten Free Bread: Yes

Gluten Free Taco Shells: N/A

So here's what we think...

“I’m overwhelmed.” This was the first thing I thought when I stepped into Hu Kitchen, located in Union Square. With so many delicious-looking options in this casual, yet trendy eatery, it was hard not to feel this way! Catering to the health conscious, clean-eating community, Hu prides themselves on serving whole foods, without the use of dairy, grain or canola oil. Oh, and the best part… the menu is completely gluten free!…

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Hu Kitchen is set up cafeteria style, with different stations serving completely different menus. To begin, there is a complete fresh-pressed juice and smoothie station. The “Mash Bar,” as it is called, allows you to create a parfait with your choice of anything from chia pudding, fruit and almond butter to cashew cream mixed with gluten-free, chocolate-chip cookies. The mash bar is a healthy breakfast for some, but for others (like myself), it is the perfect substitute for the self-serve frozen yogurt shop across the street. Hu’s next station lets customers create a bowl filled with any choice of base (ie. quinoa or vegetable mash) and topping (such as grass-fed beef or wild mushrooms). The hot prepared foods are switched up throughout the year but the “Grandmaster Veg,” a grain and dairy-free lasagna is comforting and satisfying; however, I would argue against it tasting anything like the original Italian version. My go-to at Hu is to hit up the cold prepared food section. My favorite dish is the curried sweet potato; I recommend everyone try this ASAP. Lastly, you can’t go to Hu and not order the signature Grain-free “Hu Bread.” Almost completely made from vegetables and seeds, this bread serves as a healthy snack, reminiscent of a non-fried falafel or veggie loaf.

If you’re in the area (which you probably will be… it’s Union Square!), Hu Kitchen is a great stop for any health-focused individual. With a variety of choices, as well as a complete focus on unprocessed, whole and nutritious foods, you are guaranteed to find multiple dishes to satisfy your cravings. And they offer plenty of “healthy” desserts, too!