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When I first went gluten free almost five years ago, the fact that I was no longer able to order dessert at restaurants or pick on the cookies and cakes my roommates kept in our apartment was absolutely devastating. What was I going to eat to satisfy my sugar cravings?? Thank you whoever suggested trying out Enjoy Life cookies. It was love at first bite for myself and the soft baked chocolate chip cookies. To this day, I always have a box of these on hand; the cookies are small, but taste better than the chocolate chip cookies of my childhood and it only takes one or two cookies to satisfy my cravings. They’re so good, my non-gluten free friends now buy them, too!

My favorite Enjoy Life product is the the crunchy chocolate chip cookies. Unlike their soft-baked sister (highlighted above), the hard cookies are larger and more filling. For essentially the same amount of calories, you get more chocolate and more cookie. More cookie= more happiness! Other favorite products: the soft baked snickerdoodle and gingerbread spice cookies, the crunchy vanilla honey graham cookie, the cocoa loco chewy brownie bar, and double chocolate crunchy cookie. Also, everyone who knows me knows how much I love chocolate. As much as I wish I could keep a bag of Enjoy Life’s addictive chocolate morsels in my apartment, as I said, they are addictive, and eating a large pack a day just isn’t healthy! Enjoy Life also has chocolate bars made from rice milk; these are absolutely addicting, as well!

I am thrilled to see that Enjoy Life Foods has ventured outside of the world of cookies and sugary treats, and has created a new line of chips: Plentils. Made from lentil powder and potato starch and offered in a variety of different flavors, Plentils put the classic potato chip to shame. The chips are light, flavorful, and unique, and I highly recommend them!

Thank you, Enjoy Life Foods, for making gluten free living easier, and more delicious! I’m excited to see what you come out with next.

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