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IT’S HERE, IT’S HERE! What you ask? Nima; a discreet and portable food sensor that allows consumers to test their meals for gluten in a few minutes. It’s been called a pregnancy test for gluten, which is the best way to think about it! Regardless of what you call it, Nima is a total game-changer for the gluten-free industry, enabling customers to dine safely and get to the bottom of, “what exactly is in the food we eat?”
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So how does it work? It’s SO easy! Here’s what you do:

1 – Drop some food into the disposable capsule and screw on the cap.
2 – Insert capsule into the Nima device.
3 – Press the button to power on Nima and begin testing. It’s that easy.
Nima is sensitive to 20 ppm (parts per million) and specific to gluten. If Nima detects any levels of gluten, it will display a wheat symbol. If Nima displays a smile, it means that any levels of gluten are below the FDA guidance for gluten-free (20 ppm). The best part about Nima is that the device also connects to a mobile app, so you can share your results with the gluten-free community!
The retail price of a Nima starter kit, which includes the reusable sensor and three disposable test capsules, is $279. By using the code “NOBREAD” at checkout, you will receive a $15 discount on your starter kit! 
Before I sign off, it is important to note that Nima only tests for gluten at the moment. For those of you who are dairy-free and nut-free, the Nima team is in the process of developing tests for peanut and milk to follow the release of the gluten test.
To read more about Nima, check out their website, here!
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