Jersey Mike’s Introduces a Gluten-Free Sub!

Jersey Mike’s is king of the SUB. So it’s safe to say not only have I not been, but I avoid going! Well that all changed this week when I went to the sandwich shop for the first time! I learned the franchise now carries GF subs in all locations, so of course I had to give it a try ASAP!

The rolls are manufactured in Denver by Udi’s parent company Boulder Brands, and the bread was tested in more than 200 locations in six states over the course of two years! LEGIT!

So you may be wondering, does the team keep the GF rolls totally safe and away from the gluten-filled rolls? The answer is YES! Jersey Mike’s worked with the Gluten Intolerance Group to develop procedures and a training video to prevent cross-contamination. To make the gluten-free subs, workers must wash their hands, change their gloves, wash the work counter and make the subs on top of a separate sheet of paper in order to reduce the risk of cross-contact with gluten.

It’s no surprise JM’s has decided to cater to our community with the rollout of their new roll… they take pride in their MSA Grade top round beef that is trimmed and cooked right in the store, and care immensely about the quality of produce they serve their customers.

What I liked most about JM’s is that everything is prepared right in front of you. I am able to attest that, without telling the team about my allergy, just simply ordering the GF sub, they followed proper protocol to ensure there wasn’t any cross contamination on the deli counter. Jersey Mike’s tradition of quality is top notch and much appreciated! I highly recommend trying the gluten-free sub ASAP!

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