As you read last week, Nima Sensor is finally here! And we at NOBREAD are helping to launch Nima here in LA!

To get your hands on a Nima, and eat an amazing gluten-free meal with myself and the Nima team, enter our Instagram contest, here!!

What: Dinner at Hugo’s in West Hollywood 
When: Wednesday, September 28th at 7:30PM
With: Nima and NOBREAD!
**Contest winners only**

To win: Follow @nimasensor, @nobread, and tag a gluten-free friend you would like to bring along! 

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BFree Foods Pita Sandwich

When I went gluten-free, Greek cuisine immediately became my favorite. Fresh seafoods and meats, roasted potatoes, and vegetables are staple foods in the Greek diet, and Olive Oil is used on EVERYTHING. None of this butter business we have here in the states! Well, the one thing I loveddd back in my gluten-eating days but haven’t had since going GF is an amazing gluten-free sandwich on pita bread! Chicken or Hummus topped with vegetables on soft and filling pita was one of my go-to lunches growing up, and it’s also one of the meals I miss most. Well thanks to BFree Foods and their new, incredible pita bread, I’m able to recreate the sandwiches of my childhood!

The pita bread is BFree’s newest product, and my prediction is that it’s soon to be their most popular as well! When I received the pita, I was quick to whip up a Hummus and Veggie Sandwich, and I was super happy with my results.


What You Will Need:
1 Cucumber
1 Tomato
2 Slices BFree Foods Pita Bread
1/4 Cup Hummus

What You Will Do:
Cut the cucumber and tomato to your liking.
Spread 2 Tbsp Hummus over your pita halves.
Add the cucumber and tomato to your sandwich, and wah-lah!
French Fries: mine were store bought and cooked in an oven, but I love making my own, too! Recipe coming soon!

To read more about BFree Foods check out our review, here!

Girl’s Night! No Boys. Just Frank.


The babes at frank body couldn’t have said it any better- they are a coffee-based skincare line “making babes feel like… babes.” frank is my favorite kind of brand; they are more than just a product, they embody a lifestyle. They pride themselves on using naturally derived ingredients such as coffee, coconut oil, rosehip oil and marshmallow root, and have adorable packaging, quality product, and a killer social media game. This Australian brand has babes near and far begging to get their hands on the product!

I typically don’t follow brands on Instagram because let’s face it, they can be kind of boring, but frank body’s page is anything but that. Their page is fun; the #letsbefrank hashtag is kind of an epidemic! For those of you on Instagram, you’ve likely seen pictures of toweled influencers and non-influencer babes covered with the famous frank Coffee Scrub. The way coffee wakes you up from the inside, frank’s coffee scrub wakes you up from the outside. I’m not the biggest coffee drinker, but now that my skin is softer than ever, I’ll cover myself in coffee scrub any day!


The Products:

So why was I so eager to try frank body? Well to start, I’m not big in the skincare game because skincare lines are usually full of chemicals and ingredients I can’t pronounce, and I often end up breaking out in hives! I can talk all day about how frank products don’t use “parabens, PEGS, or phthalates. No sulphates or silicones. No mineral oil, no glycols, no DEA or TEA,” but to keep it simple, frank body is gluten-free, totally natural, and finally a brand I’m excited to use. In addition to the coffee scrub, the Creamy Face Cleanser, Creamy Face Scrub, and Daily Moisturiser are all pretty bomb; it’s hard to choose a favorite! I have dry skin, so it’s safe to say I now carry a tube of the moisturiser in every bag.


The Perfect Girl’s Night:

Last week, my girlfriend’s and I had a little Girl’s Night Out! No boys allowed, just Frank. The night really started in the afternoon with a quality tan and pool sesh. First up, we tried the coffee scrub following a post-pool rinse. I opted to cover my whole face, while Hillary went for a cute coffee heart and Bekah dabbed her cheeks for a little “coffee blush.” The verdict? We were amazed at how soft our skin was! And at how we managed to keep the scrub on for a solid 30 minutes, without it leaving any brown stains or residue on our face!

Next up, our pajama party. Vegan coffee ice pops and popcorn, pajamas, and Ryan Gosling movies… per usual… accompanied by frank body and his smoother sides. A total win.

If you haven’t gotten involved in the Frank Body craze yet, it’s time you do. Check out their site, here, for more details and fun Frank facts. I’m a total believer…!

frankbod3 frankbod6


Photo Credit: Analiese Trimber 🙂
Friend Credit: Hillary Harley and Bekah Graf <3

Avocado Pancakes


So I’ve pretty much realized that I can make pancakes with any food. Banana pancakes are my obsession, and sweet potato pancakes are a close second, and then it occurred to me– can I make avocado pancakes? One avocado and two eggs won’t do the trick… but what will? Off experimenting I went!


What You Will Need:


avocadopancake5 avocadopancake4

What You Will Do:

Combine GF flour, dairy-free milk, and egg, and mix together until smooth.
Separately, mash avocado.
Combine until all ingredients are totally mixed through!
For extra flavor, add lime and salt! It’s like you’re making guacamole!
Spray skillet with non-stick, or use olive oil.
Pour batter onto skillet. Make each pancake 2-3″ in diameter… the smaller the better!
This recipe yields 12- 3″ pancakes!

avocadopancake3 avocadopancake2

This recipe only takes about 5 minutes of prep time, and 5 minutes to make. For those of you who thought you could only eat avocado for breakfast in the form of avocado toast or in your quinoa brekkie bowl, think again! This recipe is fun and unique… and when St. Patty’s day rolls around you’ll know exactly what to make!


An Endless Summer… with Stoli Gluten Free

August has gone and September has come, but that doesn’t mean summer is over! Whether you’re back to school or changing your mindset from what am I doing this weekend to what should I wear to work, there is no reason to let that summer spirit fizzle. I mean, summer doesn’t really end until September 21st, right!?

Well, in the spirit of keeping summer alive, I’ve come up with a few NOBREAD-approved recipes and ideas to make it feel like summertime all the time!


The Endless Cocktail…

Raspberry Vodka Mojito, with Stoli Gluten Free Vodka!

What You Will Need:
2-oz Gluten Free Stoli Vodka
3-4 large fresh mint leaves
Handful of fresh raspberries
2 slices of lime
3-4 Tbsp simple syrup. See post here for how! (Note: Leave out the fruit when making this mojito)
Lime Club soda
Mint and raspberries for garnish

stolirasp3 stolirasp2

What You Will Do:

In a glass, muddle together mint leaves, raspberries, lime slice and simple syrup until all ingredients are mixed together.
Add vodka and stir well.
Fill glass 1/3 full with ice and top off with club soda and stir.
Garnish with fresh berries and a sprig of fresh mint and serve.


The Endless Feast…

BBQ season is year-round for me. When you live in LA this is a bit easier thanks to the year-round warmth, but even in my NYC days, I grew up with my father bundling up and battling the winter cold to grill our family steaks for Sunday Night Steak Night. Just because the BBQ may have to be moved indoors doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a BBQ! Here are a few of my favorite BBQ recipes that CAN and SHOULD be made year round!

certified1 certified

Check out our post on how to grill the perfect salmon, here!

My all-time favorite recipe to make is my Avocado Basil Pesto Pasta! Top it off with grilled shrimp or a protein of your choosing to make it extra filling… recipe here!


The Endless Party…

As much as I believe in living in the moment, I also love planning for fun events in the future. Here are a few festivities and holidays on the horizon we can all look forward to!

September 16- National Guacamole Day
September 26- National Pancake Day
September 29- National Coffee Day

Apple picking month!!!
October 4- National Vodka Day (We all know which alcohol I’ll be celebrating with!)
October 15- My birthday!
October 27- National Potato Day
October 29- National Oatmeal Day
October 31- Halloween!