BFree Foods Pita Sandwich

When I went gluten-free, Greek cuisine immediately became my favorite. Fresh seafoods and meats, roasted potatoes, and vegetables are staple foods in the Greek diet, and Olive Oil is used on EVERYTHING. None of this butter business we have here in the states! Well, the one thing I loveddd back in my gluten-eating days but haven’t had since going GF is an amazing gluten-free sandwich on pita bread! Chicken or Hummus topped with vegetables on soft and filling pita was one of my go-to lunches growing up, and it’s also one of the meals I miss most. Well thanks to BFree Foods and their new, incredible pita bread, I’m able to recreate the sandwiches of my childhood!

The pita bread is BFree’s newest product, and my prediction is that it’s soon to be their most popular as well! When I received the pita, I was quick to whip up a Hummus and Veggie Sandwich, and I was super happy with my results.


What You Will Need:
1 Cucumber
1 Tomato
2 Slices BFree Foods Pita Bread
1/4 Cup Hummus

What You Will Do:
Cut the cucumber and tomato to your liking.
Spread 2 Tbsp Hummus over your pita halves.
Add the cucumber and tomato to your sandwich, and wah-lah!
French Fries: mine were store bought and cooked in an oven, but I love making my own, too! Recipe coming soon!

To read more about BFree Foods check out our review, here!

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