Hi guys! I realized that over the years I’ve done interviews and podcasts all about NOBREAD and I, but not once have I written a post about us. Well it’s time I answer the age-old question, ‘WTF IS NOBREAD?!”

Here it goes…

I was diagnosed with my gluten allergy when I was 19. I call it my “gluten allergy” versus “Celiac Disease” because at this time I was under the impression that I just had an allergy, not the autoimmune condition.

Any who, fast-forward 4 years and I was 23 and working at J.P. Morgan as an Equity Sales Analyst. I had THE job and THE life, but I wasn’t fulfilled. Partially because a large part of my job was client entertaining, and every day and night that I went out with my clients, I ended up sick or taking Benadryl/some other pill to mask how ill I was. “Gluten-free” wasn’t trendy or cool by any means in 2013, and I always felt uncomfortable telling my colleagues, clients, and the restaurant staff about my condition when I ordered. When I did have the chance to inform people of my allergy, given the lack of gluten awareness out there, I wasn’t confident that people understood what I was talking about or really grasp how severe my condition was.

I took matters into my own hands and started a restaurant guide, outlining gluten-free meal options at New York City’s hottest restaurants. This guide, which still exists on my website, provides a review, photos, and custom gluten-free menu options. This guide has since expanded to Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, D.C., London, and San Francisco! I have a temporary pause on launching more cities, even though the information I have on the city guides is invaluable. I hope to resume city launches soon!!

OKAY BACK TO WTF IS NOBREAD, because as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’m not a restaurant blogger anymore. NOBREAD now includes (and is mainly comprised of) my gluten-free recipes, product features, travels, and wellness tips. As NOBREAD grew, I realized it was important to cater to gluten-free people outside of just the cities my restaurant guides were in. Gluten-free is UNIVERSAL, and NOBREAD needed to be too.

My recipes can be made by anyone, anywhere, anytime and my travels are meant to show that you can still travel the world with your allergy. The world is slowly but surely catching on to the gluten-free lifestyle! I’ve had gluten-free croissants and pastries in Paris and gluten-free bread and pasta in Italy. Not only do I show you the dedicated GF spots in each country or place I travel to, but just like my U.S. city guides, I show you the best gluten-free options at local hotspots. And of course, just everything else cool and awesome about the city/country!

But there is a greater purpose to NOBREAD. It is a message I hope to really start emphasizing going forward. YOU CAN STILL LIVE A HEALTHY, HAPPY (and gluten-free life) while having FUN. Let loose and eat those crispy gluten-free French fries when you are out (in moderation), and at your next meal, stick with something home-cooked and simply prepared. Go out with your girls and have a margarita, OR sub a margarita for a healthier cocktail like a tequila soda, and in the morning, take a hot yoga class!! Life is about BALANCE. A healthy life and a fun life shouldn’t be incongruous. I’m never ‘the drunk one’ or the ‘unhealthy eater’ but I indulge because otherwise I would go CRAZY!


As I really work on honing in on and owning this, you can expect blog posts on the following topics:

ALCOHOL and Going Out
Traveling Essentials
The Right Questions to Ask While Dining Out
My Go-To Meals and Snack Brands
Fitness and Workout Plans
Why I Get IV Drips
What To Order When You Dine Out

NOBREAD, once a restaurant guide, has become my life (Nicole Cogan) as ‘NOBREAD.’ As I mentioned earlier, I was first diagnosed with a gluten allergy/intolerance, and in later years I have been diagnosed with Celiac’s as I carry the Celiac gene and my blood tests indicate so. I have not done an endoscopy to confirm this. My thought on this is that if I am going to live my life the same after the endoscopy as I am living it today, than why undergo the stress of the test? In the past, surgeries and procedures where I’ve needed anesthesia haven’t been the kindest on my stomach. This is just my thought process… doesn’t have to be yours!

Xoxo, Nicole a.k.a. NOBREAD

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