Cavo Tagoo Mykonos

Welcome to Cavo Tagoo Mykonos, the most beautiful hotel in Mykonos (full post here). I had seen this property on Instagram before, but never thought I would have the opportunity to stay here. Well, an unfortunate series of events left my friends and I homeless in Mykonos, and Cavo came to our rescue!!

The Property:


Cavo describes themselves as a “seductive world of luxury” and this statement sums the resort up to a T. The vibe is sexy and chic, the clientele is sophisticated, the rooms are luxurious and pristine, and the amenities are first class. We were given a two bedroom, two bathroom suite with a common area and outdoor patio complete with daybeds, lounges, and a POOL. Pictures 2, 3, and 4 are of my suite, and picture 1 is of a room that literally has a CAVE built into it. Yes, the pool runs through the suite and under a CAVE. Now THAT is luxury.


Whenever I travel, as convenient as it is to eat at my hotel, I prefer going out and exploring local restaurants and hotspots. At Cavo Tagoo however, I wanted to eat every meal on-site. The food was absolutely AMAZING. From Greek dishes like the Greek Salad (nobread) to the extensive sushi and sashimi options, to classics including Salmon and chicken skewers (no teriyaki), every item on the menu was a TEN. I was apprehensive to order sushi, because why order Asian cuisine when in Greece?! But the fish is SO unbelievably fresh in Greece, that the sushi and sashimi dishes were some of the best I ever had!

Greater Mykonos:

To read more about my Mykonos trip, check out my blog post here!

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