Cora Premium Organic Tampons


Cora is a new startup that provides premium organic tampons via subscription, while providing pads to girls in developing countries for every month’s supply purchased.

The company started when Founder, Molly Hayward, traveled to Kenya and met school girls who were missing school while they were on their periods because they couldn’t afford menstrual products. Molly’s mission is to not only create safe products for women, but to revolutionize the experience of womanhood everywhere.

Why do I love Cora so much?

First, I often find that the “all-natural” or “organic” beauty products don’t “work” to the same degree as the traditional. I mean, have you tried all-natural deodorant?! I’d rather wear nothing! Well, I’m happy to report that these tampons are just as effective, and safe/easy to use. The applicators are compact plastic (BPA-Free), and expand width-wise for maximum absorbency and leak protection.

Second, the packaging is totally sleek, unlike traditional tampon packaging that screams LOOK AT ME I’M A TAMPON. You can take Cora with you wherever you go and travel in style! The kit also comes with a vegan leather clutch that fits in your purse. Each kit also comes with a stowaway, so you can give individual tampons to your friends. The stowaway has a unique referral code, and when your friend signs up with your code, you both get a month free of Cora!

Third, and MOST IMPORTANT, as I mentioned above, with every month’s supply purchased, Cora provides pads to girls in developing countries. In 2016, Cora gave 200K pads to girls in India and this number is growing quickly. It’s time we all get involved!!!

All women deserve a healthy, happy, and safe experience, and I am thrilled to partner with this organization. To learn more about Cora, visit their website! 


  • SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE fully customizable based on your desired tampon quantity and absorbency mix
  • CORA DELIVERS your custom 3-month supply every 3-months
  • PRICING plans range from $9-18/month depending on tampon quantity and billing cycle
  • UPDATE, CHANGE OR CANCEL your plan at any time.
  • JOIN CORA at



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