Elisa’s Love Bites

Elisa’s Love Bites, created by Chef Elisa Lyew, is an online store serving adorable treats that are free of gluten, refined sugar, and artificial sweeteners. Chef Lyew worked as a pastry chef for several years in renowned restaurants across New York City, where gluten and sugar were integral elements in her baking, and it was during this time in these kitchens that the idea for Love Bites was born.

Elisa focuses on all natural ingredients, and her treats feature raw organic cacao and chocolate, coconut palm sugar and dried fruits. As she exclaims, “We love good food and want to spread the love!” Elisa was kind enough to send the NOBREAD team a few of her favorite snacks, and I was lucky enough to do the taste-testing for the team! As I am both gluten and dairy free, Elisa sent her Afternoon Delight Truffles (hand-rolled apricot and pistachio truffles) and Nutty Bits Cashews (Organic cashews in Classic, Coconut, Sesame or Truffle). Given the use of coconut palm sugar, truffle, and other unique, all-natural ingredients, the Love Bites have a taste of their own and are unlike any other gluten-free snacks I have had!

Elisa also sent her most popular item, the Bangin’ Chocolate Chip Cookies, which are made from an organic flour blend, organic butter, organic chia seeds, organic raw chocolate, organic pecans, and finished with a touch of vanilla bean sea salt. This snack is definitely for the chocolate lover, and although I couldn’t indulge myself, my family  said great things!

Elisa’s Love Bites are currently sold online– click the link below and enjoy!


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