Extreme Brunching with Stoli Gluten Free


What’s not to love about the weekend? For many, there’s no school or work and most importantly, the weekend means it’s time for BRUNCH! My friends and I are never ones to turn down an “Extreme Brunch” (for the new brunch-ers that means an All-You-Can-Drink get together). Typically these brunches take place at restaurants with loud music and an even louder crowd, but recently we decided there’s no need to go out for an Extreme Brunch when we can throw our own!

This weekend it was my turn to host, and I’d like to think I had all the necessary components to make my brunch a successful one. To start, it’s not a brunch unless you serve Bloody Mary’s!


My Stoli Gluten Free Bloody Mary Recipe:
2 Parts Stoli Gluten Free
4 Parts Tomato Juice
½ Part Lemon Juice
¼ Part Freshly Grated Horseradish
Dash of Worcestershire Sauce, Hot Sauce, Salt & Pepper.
Shake up and serve over ice.


My NOBREAD Brunch Menu:
I go buffet style with my brunches. With so many allergies and dietary preferences out there these days, this gives my guests a way to customize their dishes! So what brunch items are staple parts of my feast? To name a few…

Sunny Side Up Eggs
Turkey Bacon
Roasted Sweet Potato and Potato
Banana Bread and Cocoa Banana Bread Muffins
Roasted Carrots
AVOCADOS (mandatory)

roastcarrots bananabreadmuffins

Just like my Brunch Menu, I like to give my guests their own creative freedom when it comes to their Bloody Mary’s. And for that, I make sure to have plenty of Bloody Mary toppings on-hand. From turkey bacon to shrimp, and olives to celery sticks, your topping wish is my command.

Cheers everyone! I hope your brunch is just as extreme as ours!


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