Garden Lites: Superfood Veggie Cakes

You listened to me rant about how amazing Garden Lites products are a few weeks ago, here. Well, I’m back at it again! This time I’m back to chat about the Superfood Veggie Cakes.

The Superfood Veggie Cakes are primarily made from a blend of carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, red bell peppers, brown rice, egg whites, and whole egg. They are only 100 calories a cake, gluten-free, and vegetarian! But wait… they’re called cakes?! YES, you heard me right… these small cakes are the healthiest ‘cake’ you’ll come across! Garden Lites has this incredible ability to turn vegetables and seemingly unexciting food into cakes, muffin tops, waffles, and more. Congratulations, team, for making me crave healthy at both breakfast and dessert!

When I received my Garden Lites delivery a month ago, I was quick to eat the banana chocolate chip muffins and hold off on the ‘super healthy’ cakes and muffins I received, thinking that these ‘healthier’ ones wouldn’t have as much flavor as their chocolate-y sisters. I was wrong! The SUPERfood Veggie cakes are SUPER flavorful, thanks in part to a combination of several veggies and the amount of flavor packed into every bite.

The Veggie Cakes, like all Garden Lite products, are so simple to make. You can cook them in a microwave by simply heating them on high for 25 seconds, or you can cook them on a baking sheet at 350 for 12 minutes! When I eat the cakes for breakfast, I typically have 2, and when I eat the cakes for my midday snack, I make one!

The Superfood Veggie Cakes also come in a second variety– Kale & Quinoa. These cakes only contain 90 calories and have less ingredients then their Superblend counterparts. The main ingredients are kale, quinoa, egg whites, whole egg, onion, and carrot, and they, too, are gluten-free and vegetarian!

If you don’t see Garden Lites at a store near you, you can buy them on !! Garden Lites are carried in the freezer section of the following big retailers: Costco, Kroger, Target, Shop Rite, Publix, Meijer, Stop & Shop, Giant, and HEB! To see where you can purchase Garden Lites products near you, check out their store locaterhere! You’ll also find a coupon for a discount off your next purchase!

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