Why I’ve Done IV Therapy for the Last EIGHT Years

Every time I Instagram Story or Snap a video of myself having an IV drip, I’m met with a flood of DM’s and comments asking:

What’s Wrong!?
OMG are you okay?!
Do those actually help?!

The answers? Nothing’s wrong! I’m great! And YES!

In addition to going gluten-free and my daily probiotic, I credit vitamin drips with drastically improving my health. Can you believe that I’ve been doing IV Vitamin Therapy for eight years now?! IV Vitamin Therapy injects vitamins directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive tract. Sadly, no matter how many vegetables you eat or vitamins you take, if you have a compromised gut, you will not be able to absorb the nutrients. Using an IV bypasses this!

My integrative doctor from home (Long Island), Kristine Blanche, was the first one to open my eyes to the world of IV Therapy. I was two years deep into gluten-free life, and although my chronic hives had gone away and chronic illnesses were starting to ease, I was still dealing with a plethora of health issues. For one, my blood tests were indicating that I was TOTALLY malnourished, which was baffling as I was living on fruits and vegetables and leading a ‘healthy’ life. But after 20 years of gut damage, it’s understandable that my gut was far from healthy. One of the biggest signs that my body was malnourished was that I was going on about one year of #noperiod.

At my first meeting with Kristine, she conducted full body lab work and assured me that with IV Therapy, I’d feel great and have my period back within weeks of seeing her.

Enter Vitamin Drip. My blood tests indicated which vitamins I was low in, and Kristine tailored my IV according to the vitamins and nutrients my labs indicated I needed. That’s the amazing part of IV Therapy! Yes your local IV center likely offers a set menu of IV options, but ultimately, each IV bag can be customized to your specific needs.

After my second vitamin drip, yes my SECOND drip, I got my period! This just proved that my body was finally getting the vitamins it needed. A healthy period is a sign of a healthy body!!

I continued to do vitamin drips with Kristine weekly, and then monthly while I was away at school. When I am having health set backs I do vitamin drips frequently, but when I am feeling great I do them sparingly. Even when I feel totally ‘healthy,’ I still do IV Therapy as maintenance to keep me in my healthy state.

Now that I live in Los Angeles, and I don’t have Kristine (although I text her constantly… isn’t text a beautiful thing??) I’ve had a tough time finding an IV Vitamin Center where I feel totally comfortable. That is until I found The Hydration Room.

Started in Orange County and now with a new location in Santa Monica, The Hydration Room is CLEAN AF, has a plethora of menu items, and the staff is incredibly kind and accommodating. Most importantly, they are SO professional!! I have difficult veins (every doctor or nurse I have ever come across has told me so) and the nurse at The Hydration Room finds my vein within seconds EVERY. TIME. That is because she is emergency room trained and has been administering IV’s for years!

If you are looking for an IV here in Los Angeles, this is your spot. Not only does The Hydration Room have education in the center as to why IV Therapy is beneficial, but they have a HUGE menu of drip options with information on each, and they are happy to custom a bag, too!

I can’t tell you enough how beneficial IV Therapy is if you have a compromised gut. If you’ve been feeling poorly for a while, and can’t seem to figure out why, I highly suggest giving IV Therapy a shot!

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